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  misters 15:21 19 Jan 2003
  misters 15:21 19 Jan 2003

Currently Broadband is not in my area, but I'm thinking of getting it when it is.
My question is, what do i need for broadband apart for loads of money?
You see I'm also getting a new pc in the near future and i would like to get one that is already broadband compatable, but in the meantime still connect to the internet through a modem.
So what spec in a pc would i be looking for, that is broadband ready but also can still connect to the net until broadband is available in my area.

  Getharry 15:36 19 Jan 2003

A pc less then 5 years old will do the job.

  pj123 15:40 19 Jan 2003

I agree with getharry. The only other thing you will need is a broadband modem which at the moment is about £85 plus delivery. If you are on AOL they are doing a special offer at the moment of: change to broadband and get the modem for free. Unfortunately, like you I can't get broadband yet as I am on NTL and not BT.

  Widows Son 15:54 19 Jan 2003

My only problem was a 8 week delay in actuallly getting it activated - but I've had it in for about 8 months using a Alcaltel usb modem, which was supplied by Freeserve as part of the £85 installation pack,and have had no problems (well except when I let XP update the driver)

I, like everybody else I know who has it in, would not go back to narrowband.

Another hint shop around for ADSL filters (you'll need one for every phone socket that is used in the house) when I bought mine most places charged £13 -£15 each but I got mine for £6 from Ebay

No PC I've seen comes 'broadband ready' as a ADSL modem is quite a pricey item and it wouldn't be used by a large percentage of users. So the only advice I'd give would be to ensure you've ample USB ports

Hope it helps

  Wak 16:26 19 Jan 2003

Hi, You say in your response to "misters" that you can't get Broadband as you are on NTL and not BT.
You can get Broadband if you have an NTL phone and it is only £14.99 per month plus a possible £25 installation fee. ( you'll have to check the latter charge). I have the 128K B/B (plus TV and phone) with NTL and am highly satisfied.
My friend only has an NTL phone (no TV) and is booked in to have BB fitted early Feb.
I'd be inclined to make enquiries, if I were you.

  Wak 16:32 19 Jan 2003

PS. The £25 installation fee mentioned above applied to me as I had the NTL phone AND TV. The fee may be different if you only have the phone but it is still possible to have BB.

  pj123 16:42 19 Jan 2003

Hi Wak.

Thanks for your info, yes I have TV and Phone but I am in Norwich and NTL say that the equipment in Norwich is not good enough to supply BB but I will try them again.

Obviously, it means I will have to change ISP to NTL and then inform everybody who has my email address, which will probably take some time.

  acfc 16:55 19 Jan 2003

It would make sense to order your new PC with both a standard 56K modem and an ADSL PCI modem installed. A PCI modem costs around £35-£40 so shouldn't affect the overall PC price much.

The adds I've seen for PC's as 'ADSL Ready' just means that they have network interface connection NOT a modem fitted.

  ripvan 17:13 19 Jan 2003

pj123 if you get your new pc with a network card fitted(thy are less than a tenner anyway)you can connect to ntl broadband using this.the installation cd you get with it gives you the choice of usb or network connection(they also supply both usb and network cables in the box)using the network card frees up your usb's and is not sharing bandwidth as your usb be would if you have other usb stuff on.

  misters 17:22 19 Jan 2003

Can i just mention I'm with bt for phone and my isp is Freeserve. Oh yeah, what is a adsl pci modem? Will it affect my current connection using a 56k?

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