Getting to the bottom of a previous posting

  billyliv 10:39 11 Feb 2003

Hi, Looking at a previous posting I see that i am being taken to task for saying that by putting a number in front of your contact address, this would stop a virus sending to your contacts. My apolagies, I should have been a bit clearer. open your address book, Click on 'New', 'New Contact', Re-enter all the details fot your first contact, but when you type in the E.mail address put in either a random number or a random Capital letter immediately in front of the @,and click on 'Add'. The new contact will appear under your first contact. Delete your old first contact. Continue down your address book.This will make the mail addresses for your contacts invalid and makes it impossible for any virus that may infect your machine infect any of your contacts machines. When sending mail to any of your contacts it is an easy matter to delete the addition to the address. Cheers, Bill.

  MAJ 12:27 11 Feb 2003

I haven't seen the previous posting you mentioned, billyliv, but it sounds as though having suitable AV software installed, is a lot less bother. Editing each email addy before sending would really pee me off in a very short space of time and what about the times you forget to edit the addy before sending, then you'd have to send again.

  TBH1 12:43 11 Feb 2003

billyliv - not a bad solution for us people who only send a few emails out - - -will certainly consider this.Thanks mate.

  jazzypop 12:58 11 Feb 2003

No doubt your solution will work - but would it not be simpler to keep your addresses in Notepad, Excel or whatever, then paste them into the address bar? An empty Address book is not much use to these mass-mailing worms.

I still prefer a decent AV like Norton :)

  billyliv 13:28 11 Feb 2003

Hi, No doubt that one day the hackers will be able to get into notepad etc. at the moment they are only concentrating on the address book because that is the easiest. I have Norton AV. and Norton Internet security on auto update so at present I am not too bothered about Viruses, but as with anything else, we do not know what is around the corner. Cheers, Bill

  Forum Editor 13:40 11 Feb 2003

but cumbersome solution, and there are better ways as others have said. It's a lot less hassle if you simply have a good anti-virus application and keep it up to date.

My contacts list (like many others')has hundreds of email addresses in it, and it would take days to go through altering them - apart from the difficulty when sending to Outlook groups. I can see how your method would work with just a few people though.

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