getting into bios?

  meniscus 13:37 14 Jul 2006

Ive just bought a new pc and trying to get into the bios,
It has an intel btx motherboard with Award bios 2.3.

Ive looked it up on the web and holding down "del" or pressing
"CTRL+ALT+ESC" at the manufacturers load up screen should get me in? Am i missing something?

Thanks in advance,

  woodchip 13:43 14 Jul 2006

Tapping Del as it starts should make it go. But what does it say on screen as it starts? as it should say to enter Setup press !!!!! Key

  meniscus 13:47 14 Jul 2006

No it doesnt have that enter setup option. F11 did it for me in the end...process of elimination!!

  meniscus 13:49 14 Jul 2006

Oh sorry, 1 more thing! What does the option in the bios "On PME" stand for? Its in the power management section of it?

  Diemmess 13:57 14 Jul 2006

PME = power management events
Enabled or disabled via the BIOS

My inclination is to leave all BIOS settings at their default, until a reason crops up to make a change

  meniscus 15:52 14 Jul 2006

Is PME the same as wake on lan?

Iv enabled sharing on one of the folders on the desktop. Ive enabled the network adapter to "allow this device to bring this computer out of standby" on the same system.

What i what to do is to be able to access from another computer, as in be able to bring this machine out of standby to copy over files.
The only problem is that this computer doesnt return to standby mode after im finished accessing it. It also seems to come out of standby periodically for some reason.

Do you oknow what im doing wrong?

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