getting AOL OFF a comp;;??how????

  p;3 15:05 22 Jun 2007

Getting AOL off a

Computer ( not mine)has a 12 month contract with AOL ;as from 10th June , now beyond that initial contract;

Bank has been told to stop direct debit; due to be paid again in July

AOL have of course not responded to any requests to stop the service;

How do they stop the AOL from being ‘live’ so that BT can be installed on the system ; line is broadband enabled supplied by bt

Comp is disconnected from the internet and modem is disconnected from comp

Do they have to wait until AOL themselves ‘cut them off’ for non payment of a service they are not now using or……

How can they get the AOL off and go to BT which is their wish?

What do they have to do to get OFF AOL and allow BT to be installed?

thanks for hopeful input


as far as i know p;3
they will need a mac code before they will be able to sign up with a new isp
as aol will be registered against that line

Contact BT see if anythng can be done to speed up the process,but failing that aol seems to be the first port of call
Have they a genuine reason for not honouring the contract?

  User-1159794 18:45 22 Jun 2007
  cream. 19:45 22 Jun 2007

" has a 12 month contract with AOL ;as from 10th June "

Is the 12 months up? If it is just request a mac migration code from AOL. With the new code of practice they should give one immediately.

If it is from June this year, they must complete the contract or buy out of the deal. AOL will have exclusive rights to that line for administrating broadband.

  p;3 22:34 22 Jun 2007

apparently the contract expired in March;Migration code was requested in April which was 'promiced' within 48 hours;
No code has been provided e-mailes have been sent, as have recorded letters, cancelled on line, stopped payment, computer has been disconnected ; all they get is silence but still the system is live.

they are getting a bit desperate and a tad fed up to get rid of AOL so they can start again with a new ISP

  woodchip 22:42 22 Jun 2007

Well This is how I did it, on two XP comps as it was on when I got both comps. First go the right rout by removing from ADD REMOVE in Control Panel. Then Do a Search for Aol. Make sure you only delete the Aol that you are looking for, any doubt leave it. You can also do this in Regedit. By Typing Regedit in the Run Box then go to Menu under Edit click find then type Aol as above after a Delete press F3 to go to next Entry Do not reome any other items than Aol that you are sure of. You will come to the End if you do the above. Then run a registry Cleaner

  p;3 23:00 22 Jun 2007

maybe a thick question , but if AOL is off the comp,via what route can they then grab the reg cleaner as the comp will?? be unable to connect to the internet?

i HAD thought they MIGHT be able to do similar to what I did and basically TELL AOL to 'get lost' as I refused to continue with them nor to pay them as my 'trial ' ended and I walked away

  rdave13 23:46 22 Jun 2007

My workmate phoned AOL on 0870 320 20 20 and explained that he was going to BT broadband and wanted the mac code. After a few minitues of trying to give him a better deal and him being polite but adamant they agreed. Two days later he had a phone call from AOL with the Mac number. He immediately contacted BT and was online with them in under two weeks.

  rdave13 23:47 22 Jun 2007

PS, he's still not entirely happy...sigh

  p;3 09:18 23 Jun 2007

I will suggest they try that; but with what are they not happy? appart from AOL being silly buggers?

what I do not quite grasp is why a MAC code IS required, or is that a new innovation?

I had no problems ( in the days when I DID migrate) TO migrate, but that was MANY years ago

  User-1159794 09:39 23 Jun 2007

read here

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