getting 2 pcs online with one dsl connection

  mattbell1975 20:51 17 Jan 2004

i have a dsl connection on my desktop which i sometimes use my laptop on by simply switching the cables over however i have a 5 N-way 10/100 ethernet switch which was given to me by a friend not paid for and i was wondering if i could use this to run both desktop and laptop on my dsl line????? i have lots of spare rj45 cables and 1 cross over rj45 cable can i do it??? how do i do it??

  howard60 21:00 17 Jan 2004

very simple just use a rj45 patch cable from a network card in each pc to the hub. set your main pc [the one with the dsl connection] to internet connection sharing and all should be well. You must make sharing enabled.

  mattbell1975 21:04 17 Jan 2004

rj45 patch cable is that a straight one not a twisted one???? how do i enable internet sharing???

  mattbell1975 21:13 17 Jan 2004

cross over i mean

  interzone55 21:19 17 Jan 2004

Patch cable is the straight through one.

Enable internet connection sharing in the networks section of control panel, if you're running XP on the main PC it will offer to set up a floppy disk to run in the laptop to set everything on that for you

  LastChip 21:24 17 Jan 2004

How do you connect via ADSL?

Is it an external "modem" that supports a RJ45 connection?

If so, plug your modem into the input of the switch and your computers into the normal RJ45 connectors.

You will now be able to use either computer on the internet, independently from the other.

Note. You ONLY use a crossover cable for a direct connection from one computer to another.

For your purposes, all cables are straight through (Patch) cables.

  mattbell1975 21:26 17 Jan 2004

how can i use them at the same time????

  mattbell1975 21:31 17 Jan 2004

at the moment i have desktop connected to dsl modem (external) and second lan card on desktop connected to 5 N-way switch (uplink port) laptop connected into 1st port on switch then into laptops lan card

  LastChip 23:20 18 Jan 2004

but the site decided to go on strike!

how can i use them at the same time????

I'm not sure whether you mean physically or technically.

If you have more than one member of your family that requires web access, that deals with the first point.

Technically, if your modem supports an RJ45 conection, then connect your modem into the uplink port on the switch, and each of your computers into a normal RJ45 connector on the switch.

This will allow each computer to see each other, and each machine to individually receive data from the modem.

By connecting this way, you do not need the "master" machine to be on, to achieve internet access on either machine.

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