Get Shut of Norton?

  tobyjug472002 05:46 08 Aug 2008

Hi there, my elderly aunt bough a Vista pc with a trial version of Norton Antivirus pre-installed. Now that the trial version has run out she cant afford to buy a full version of Norton being a pensioner.
I dont know much about Vista pc's...i'll stick with XP till it dies a death, but does anyone know of any programme i can download to get shut of all the bits of Norton (non working now), she has no Antivirus protection, any suggestions, Panda perhaps? Dont know if Panda works on Vista, or possibly AVG 8?
I dislike norton its thorough but it slows your pc down something terrible....any help for a poor pensioner would be most welcomed.


  Zaphod 3 06:30 08 Aug 2008

Download Norton removal tool from click here

We have 2 Vista laptops and AVG 8 works fine

  tobyjug472002 06:41 08 Aug 2008

Many thanks my friend, i'll try AVG 8 as you said and thanks for that removal programme!

  wee eddie 06:54 08 Aug 2008

Download your new AV, but don't install it, before you remove Norton.

Come 'off-line' and remove Norton, using the Tool. Then install your AV and go back on-line to update and run it for the first time. You can come off-line the moment it tells you that it has updated.

  Pineman100 16:40 08 Aug 2008

As well as antivirus software, don't forget that auntie needs a firewall.

Comodo Personal Firewall is free: click here

Or at the very least, switch on the Windows firewall, but remember that it only works on incoming data, not outgoing.

  Arnie 19:03 08 Aug 2008

"Comodo Personal Firewall"
Excellent advice.

Their free antivirus program with SafeSurf also takes some beating.

  tobyjug472002 02:05 09 Aug 2008

Can you use Comodo Personal firewall with Windows xp Home please, and any suggestions for a good free antivirus programme would be welcomed.

  RobCharles1981 11:50 09 Aug 2008


I can answer that for you.

You can use Comodo firewall yes its very good too, as for antivirus consider Avast.

Some Antispyware Too.

Spyware Terminiator
Spyware Blaster

Super Antispyware

All From click here

  Pineman100 18:17 10 Aug 2008

As RobTheOrganGuru has said, you can certainly use Comodo with XP.

Avast is a good free antivirus, and so is AVG Free. click here

Just don't make the mistake of running more than one firewall and one antivirus. Multiples of either can cause problems.

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