Get rid of a virus

  skittles 13:48 17 Apr 2007

Last night on msn i ended up recieving what i think is a virus, i icon appeared on my laptops desktop that shows the letters MFC. I tried to do system restore but it wont show any restore points before april.

I tried simply deleting the file but it reappeared.I dont have any recovery discs as i lost them when i moved.

  Trademark 13:52 17 Apr 2007

Do you use Anti Virus Software?

  cowgirl66 13:55 17 Apr 2007

could this icon have replaced one which already existed on your desktop?

  p;3 15:03 17 Apr 2007

what antivirus (and other)protection if any do you have?

  skittles 16:29 17 Apr 2007

I was using Norten anti virus i think its called..but i think it just ran out.

I have norton security scan and spyware doctor though.

  p;3 17:04 17 Apr 2007

so in reality you are running with no active antivirus protection?

  p;3 17:14 17 Apr 2007

click here is the Norton thing you say you have on there; which in my understanding is NOT an antivirus program per se

click here is the spyware thingi you have on there?

is this the only 'protection 'you have ?

  mocha 17:51 17 Apr 2007

Hi skittles,
One Anti Virus :- AVG Free click here or Avast Free click here
One Firewall :- ZoneAlarm Free click here or Comodo click here
AntiSpyWare :-
SpyBot Search and Destroy click here
Ad-Aware SE click here
Spywareblaster click here
A-Squared. click here
There are many free programs that will protect your computer, just make sure that they are all regularly updated and scan your computer at least once a month. Unless you suspect a problem and then scan right away. Above is not a definitive list there are many free progs. out there on the internet, if you start with the above and spend time scanning your computer with luck you will remove your virus, if after doing the above and it's still there come back to the forum and you will get further info to get rid of your problem.

Good Luck.

  p;3 17:56 17 Apr 2007

and of course if you had the norton on your computer you do need to run the removal tool ; thre are plenty of free programs out ther to choose from; just ask for help with the ones you wish to try; BUT you are still infected?

click here run this on line scan from trend micro; select your country first them fully load it and run it and see what it finds; it is quite safe with what you aready have on there and does NOT install itself on your pc;

  ArrGee 17:57 17 Apr 2007

Once again, it seems as though that dreaded VirtuMondo virus that continualy replicates has infected your system.

Try using this:

click here

It's the only spyware cleaner that worked for me on VirtuMondo.

  mocha 18:00 17 Apr 2007

Forgot to mention you must uninstall Norton AntiVirus first, which will be useless now if your virus definitions are out of date. Then install one of the above free AV programs.

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