Get Rid of Start Manager / Advice on HD?

  Ex plorer 23:42 04 Dec 2009

I want my Laptop to start as normal into windows.
After loading Ubuntu and Deleting it I want to remove the start up manager page.
OS Vista Premium

I need help with this as I have tried to reload Vista twice and now there are three entries in the start manager two that work one does nothing.

Other information

The HD is a WD 2500BEVT 250GB SATA.
There are Partitios using 90GB

I have loaded my drivers and software that I usually have and I had free 90GB of 140GB

Tried to recover Photos
I ran Campic restore last night and it was running at lunch time today finding over 4000 imiages so I closed it 93GB seem to have been used. The drive is fnow almost full 7GB left.

Origanly there was 111GB on D and 30 GB on C free.
Before I ran Killdisk

I did wipe C with Kill-disk as it has always shown C and D drive.

On reloading Vista D drive does not show in Computer.

There is only one drive in the Laptop so D must have been part of C.

I Want to start with the start manager showing at boot.
I don't have a Vista Disk.

  Ex plorer 00:20 05 Dec 2009

I have found 102GB of photoes all rubish but I cant Delete the folde Its in Programs(Digital imiage Folder.) I cant dump them in the recyclebin its only 777MB.
Any Ideas.

  Ex plorer 01:02 05 Dec 2009

I seem to panic a bit these days, old age I reckon
I have now deleted the culprit file and back to a healthy 104 free GB on C.
If I could now get a normal start up instead of going through Start Manager.

  beeuuem 01:03 05 Dec 2009

To delete the files highlight the folder and use Shift + Delete to delete the files without using the Recycle Bin.

You could download EasyBCD from click here which allows you manage the boot entries.

  Ex plorer 13:42 05 Dec 2009

Thanks beeuuem Easy BDC sorted the extra vist program and I have now reduced start manager from 20 seconds to 2 seconds.
The folder has now been deleted.

I have the following Primary partitions on my HD is there any way I can find out what is on each of them.

In Disk management partitions are shown healthy.

(10.00 GB EISA Configuration,)

(Page File 26.70 Primary Partition,)

(I.20 Primary Partition)

(52.41 Primary Partition)

(2.28 Primary Partition)

  beeuuem 17:46 05 Dec 2009

Treesize from click here will tell you what is on each partition in terms of files and folders.

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