Get rid of Anti-Virus and Firewall!

  flecc 19:55 13 Mar 2003

Those of you who read the Strewth! thread will know that I now surf in RAM Hyperdrive without Anti-Virus and Firewall, but that still meant I had to have an internet partition for Mail, since importing that would still give an attack route for infections.

But now that's changed!

Those clever people at Mailwasher have just released a program called "Benign" which solves that problem very neatly. What it does is import the mail as you download it from your ISP, read it and re-write it afresh, dumping anything that could be in any way harmful.

It does this instantaneously so you see no delay, it handles attachments as well, and I've been unable to trip it up. The security level can be set at Low, Medium or High, and I've used medium which amongst other things scraps the HTML that could be doubtful. A High setting would get rid of all the HTML content.

Now this still means you need anti-virus and a firewall if you run in normal Windows since direct infection through the internet connection can still occur. But for HyperOS users running in Hyperdrive with Windows 9x or a derivative of that, it's very different for they can now scrap anti-virus and firewall protection altogether as I've done.

Thus the tyranny of constant updating can be forgotten forever, because the way in which Benign works, it never needs updating since the job it does is unvarying.

Benign can be downloaded as a 30 day trial, purchase price is 34.95$, but to existing users of Mailwasher there's a special price of just 9.95$, here's the link:-

click here

The free Mailwasher is still available at:-

click here

but it's not being developed any more as there is now a Pro version on sale from this link:-

click here

Existing Mailwasher users can get the Pro Mailwasher free from this link:-

click here

No, I don't work for this company, but I do like their products.

In theory one's credit card is at risk without a firewall in operation, but since in a RAM drive the number could only be taken at the point of entering it, which would presumably be in a secure site, that risk is so small that I'm discounting it.

I'll let you know if someone takes up to the limit of one of my credit cards, but don't hold your breath, it's very unlikely to happen!

  graham 20:04 13 Mar 2003

Phew! Is this another record breaker?

  flecc 20:09 13 Mar 2003

I very much doubt it, given the price of HyperOS!

However, for those who can afford it, the prospect of forever getting rid of the need to run and update anti-virus and a firewall is very attractive.

I'm certainly enjoying it at the moment.

  zanwalk 20:13 13 Mar 2003

You seem to be speeding up as you get older, what is your secret? I'd love to know!!

Well done, and thanks for the information, it would certainly be a relief to be able to guarantee immunity from viruses, although that will have to wait in my case as I have yet to purchase HyperOS.

  deepblueuk 20:17 13 Mar 2003

would this work for AOL mail ?

  A Pound of Sausages 20:18 13 Mar 2003

Does Flecc work for HyperOS?

  flecc 20:24 13 Mar 2003

No I don't, as you already know, I'm sure. I'm long retired and wouldn't work for anyone, retirement is too enjoyable.

I happen to think that HyperOS is the biggest single step in computing with Windows, especially 9x and ME, and I think that it's been largely unrecognised, possibly due to the type of advertising they use.

Don't you think that the ability to use the internet without anti-virus and firewall is a huge step?

However, this thread is about Benign, the HyperOS issue is an aside giving additional benefits.

  A Pound of Sausages 20:27 13 Mar 2003

I didn't know so I wasn't having a dig.

I didn't even know you are retired!

"HyperOS" provide those massive adverts don't they? I read through it and I was unimpressed with it (the advert). The writing seemed a bit amateurish so it's clouded my views on the product to be honest.

  flecc 20:32 13 Mar 2003

The AOL works fine in HyperOS of course, and although I don't specifically know about the Benign, products from the Mailwasher people usually work for all browsers and mail programs.

Since it operates on your ISP mailbox, I see no reason why it shouldn't work with AOL just the same. You can of course try it free for 30 days by downloading the trial from the link I gave.

It's simplicity iself to configure. You just access the options and OK it to go ahead, and it then accesses your mailbox host and links to it.

From then on you just get the mail in your usual way, and at the foot of each received mail you'll see the assurance that Benign has processed it.

There's a Systray icon to access it's logs and it keeps a full record of all mails examined, together with any "nasties" removed, and identifies any mail responsible for sending those.

  flecc 20:43 13 Mar 2003

Understood, I thought everyone knew I was retired, since I enjoy it so much I never tire of mentining it!.

I agree about the ads, I think they are both amateurish and very misguided, and I can't think of a better way of putting people off a product!

They're a small American outfit and it could be that they are trying to do things on the cheap. They've entered the market at a difficult time when it's in decline, so I suppose we could excuse them for that mistake.

However, it is a great product which I've offered to show anyone who cares to visit and see my systems, and I can't imagine anyone ever being disappointed after purchasing it.

A Windows 98 user with the choice of buying XP or HyperOS at about the same price should choose the latter for it's huge range of benefits, multiple systems, instant backups and restores in seconds, operating at up to eight times normal speeds in RAM drive, and having the option of surfing without bothering with Anti-Virus or Firewall.

There's nothing else in computing to beat it.

  flecc 20:57 13 Mar 2003

The secret of my speeding up as I get older is down to the exciting products that are popping up now!

Things like Benign and HyperOS are potentially revolutionising some of the more troublesome aspects of computing by giving very practical solutions to long standing problems.

There's never been a better time for problem solving in computing, and the fact that it's coincided with a huge drop in hardware prices is an added bonus.

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