Get rid of 10GB of unknown stuff on hard disk ?How

  angleronnie 17:06 01 Dec 2007

My 40 GB hard drive shows 25GB used space.When I open the folders they can account for about15GB.
I cant find the extra 10GB anywhere.What is it and how do I get it off the hard drive?

  SANTOS7 17:19 01 Dec 2007

i assume you mean 25gigs unused space if you add that to folder usage of 15gigs that adds up to 40 gigs or am i reading it wrong...

  mfletch 17:19 01 Dec 2007

Hi, When you say 40GB it will only have about 37GB,

There is the operating system
Programs you have downloaded

If you want to free up some space {AND YOUR COMPUTER IS RUNNING OK}

You could turn off your system restore and let it delete the restore points then turn it back on again,


  paul€ 17:20 01 Dec 2007

reduce the size of your system restore. with a 40Gb harddrive it will take nearly 5Gb. Drop it down to 1Gb.

Download and run ccleaner from click here

see how much this lot frees for you.

  paul€ 17:23 01 Dec 2007

25GB used space minus can account for about15GB = I cant find the extra 10GB

  SANTOS7 17:24 01 Dec 2007

paul€ corse it is, what maroon!!! been a bad day,

  Batch 17:41 01 Dec 2007

When you say you "open the folders" are you sure you are including everything? How are you determining the folders to "open"? For example, are you using WIndows Explorer and then right clicking on all the top level folders and selecting Properties? In which case are you also taking account of the files that are in the drive's root (i.e not in a folder, but directly in C:) - this will include your page file and hibernation file plus maybe various other not so small items.

Also, what about the recycle bin? Have you emptied it?

Also you could try running CCleaner (click here)

  Batch 17:58 01 Dec 2007

BTW, your disk might also have a hidden recovery drive partition that is used to restore the system to how it was at the time of delivery. This may occupy several GB.

  angleronnie 18:33 01 Dec 2007

Many thanks guys for your many answers;;
The figures are approx,,24GIG used space and 14 gig free space on the disc.
Folder content accounts for about 15 gig of the used space therefore I can't account for about 9 gig of the 24gig used space.
Reducing system restore gained me about 1gig..
I apologise that my original approx figures led to ambiguous equations.
Will try c cleaner later..thanks again

  brundle 20:07 01 Dec 2007

Spacemonger; click here
Free version works fine, no need to pay.
Careful what you delete.

  paul€ 20:11 01 Dec 2007

Tree size will tell you what size your folders are click here. like brundles, it's free:-)

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