Get more from ASUS SP97-v?

  Drifter 22:02 09 Mar 2003

Hi, a friend asked me to reactivate his PC which has been dormant for 12 months++ It's a Mesh PR166 with SIS Chipset motherboard, we managed to get 98SE loaded ok plus new drivers instead of Win95, but can only get 16 colours displayed,( options are 2 colours or 16 colours) some of the progs I've loaded look strange in 16 colours ie Win Media Player. Is there a Way to wring anymore out of it. It has a 4Mb 64BIT advanced(?) graphics, which I think is shared somewhere. We are adding 64MB simm RAM to the existing 32MB. It's a ASUS SP97-V mobo. Any help gratefully received, cheers, Drifter

  cream. 22:07 09 Mar 2003

Have you got either the motherboard drivers or the graphics driver?

If you have then go to device manager and open up display adapters, it will probably have a yellow exclamation mark next to it, and delete it.

Reboot and windows will find the graphics chipset and then you can install the driver.

  Drifter 22:09 09 Mar 2003

Thanks, I'll try this tomorrow night, cheers.

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