get good sound from new speakers

  maccster 18:25 01 May 2004

i've just been and bought a set of philips a 3.310 speakers from pc world. i've connected them to my toshiba laptop via the headphone socket and the sound is far to quite. can anybody please tell me if i'm doing anything wrong. thanks

  Gongoozler 18:35 01 May 2004

Speakers are normally connected to a Line Out socket, does your laptop have one. Otherwise you need to turn the headphone volume high and then use the speaker volume control. I don't know if the Philips a 3.310 speakers are powered, if they're not, then they will be very quiet.

  maccster 18:39 01 May 2004

the volume on my laptop is turned up fully but the sound is coming out of the speakers very quitely even if the power is off. my laptop doesn't have a line out.

  Diemmess 18:48 01 May 2004

Your problem has to be choice of input. Suggest you try any alternative you have - say headphone socekt with your laptop volume set high.

A sales site on Google gave the following blurb which implies the speakers are OK for a laptop as well.

"The Acoustic Fusion 310 is the perfect speaker system for consumers who want better sound quality with an attractive and compact design, either for a PC or Notebook, or for audio devices such as TV’s, game consoles and CD/MP3 players"

  Gongoozler 08:23 02 May 2004

Hi maccster. You say that "the sound is coming out of the speakers very quite even if the power is off". Do you mean that the speaker volume is the same whether the power to them is on or off? Are your speakers powered from the electric mains? If they are, it sounds to me like they are not getting any power.

  Stuartli 08:32 02 May 2004

Have you also checked that your mixer controls' volume control sliders have not been set too low; the same goes for volume controls in Windows Media Player and similar items.

  slimbo51 10:25 02 May 2004

I always run my sound system through a free standing power amp I buy from car boot sales
(usually cost about a fiver with decent set of speakers).

Loads of these amps about from old audio tower systems.

Just check the impedence of the speakers (8 ohm normally).

Bought another one yesterday for my spare comp and get brilliant sound quality.

I always use Creative SB lIve sound cards as they seem to work very well, and as they are regarded as old tech normally a good price from comp shows.

  maccster 11:53 02 May 2004

the volume is always the same. i've checked all the volume settings and they are all on the highest. i don't really want to buy anything extra like another amplifier because i would of bought alot better speakers than these ones. all i wanted was to have better sound than the small speakers on my laptop.

  Stuartli 12:14 02 May 2004

Then the most likely reason is that the sound output signal from your laptop is not sufficient to power the speakers to the levels you require.

An amplified pair might be better, even if only cheap ones using batteries.

  Gongoozler 15:07 02 May 2004

Hi maccster. You still haven't answered my question. Are these speakers powered or not? If they're not powered, then you won't get enough signal from a headphone socket to drive them.

  Stuartli 18:00 02 May 2004

Here's the specs:

click here

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