Geolocation identification hidden on your browser

  sunnystaines 18:49 09 Aug 2010

click here

scroll down to [02] for step to disable on your browser.

no need if your IE8 that is the only one without this hidden locator.

  octal 20:19 09 Aug 2010

I have mine enabled but Firefox can only seem to pinpoint that I'm in the south east of England, I can't see a major problem with that.

  lotvic 20:25 09 Aug 2010

Thanks, When I clicked on white dot in maps, I got an alert bar at top to click on to learn more it took me to a mozilla firefox page click here

  woodchip 20:46 09 Aug 2010

Just tried it in Flock version 2.5.6 it does not work for me

  woodchip 20:56 09 Aug 2010

You could try this, but it cannot find my WiFi

Think its how I have my Router Secured click here

  DieSse 22:21 09 Aug 2010

Any website can find your IP address (if it couldn't it couldn't even talk to you).

By using an IP lookup service, the website can then geolocate you. It doesn't need your browser to do this.

IP lookup services are usually commercial databases that a website that wants to know your location will contract to.

It's not exact of course - and they sometimes get it totally wrong. The Spotify one once decided that I was in the UK (I'm not) and I had to actually talk to the service they use and get it corrected (because they locked me out of Spotify!).

  anchor 13:33 10 Aug 2010

DieSse is absolutely correct.

I live in NW London, and on looking up my IP address I find I am located near Skipton in Yorkshire.

As you see it is not always correct. I am using I/E.

  Batch 14:58 10 Aug 2010

If you read the BBC article (click here) that is linked to from the link in sunnystaines' post, you'll see that the IP address is used as a means of focusing a search on a database of router WiFi MAC addresses collated by Google whilst doing their StreetView filming. It is these MAC addresses that, seemingly, Google have linked to physical addresses.

The IP address enables a targeted search of the database to be made. Even without the IP address, theoretically at least, it must be possible to search the database (for a MAC address).

One really has to ask why Google want this information.

Hopefully my WiFi MAC address will not have been visible to StreetView as I have SSID broadcast disabled in my router.

  beynac 15:30 10 Aug 2010

I tried it using Firefox and Chrome. In both cases it asked for my permission to continue. In both cases it showed "Your location could not determined".

So, not a problem as far as I'm concerned!

  dvdcllns 16:25 10 Aug 2010

I found this thread interesting, chased mine and they tell me that I'm north of the Forth in Scotland. No cigars being handed out but I'm sure there must be a more acurate program out there somewhere...

  sunnystaines 20:02 10 Aug 2010

glad to see its not too reliable on tracking your location thanks for the feedback

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