geoforce 4 440 go 64m graphics drivers

  yellows 18:48 25 Jan 2004

I have a geoforce 4 440 go 64m graphics card in my medion laptop and would be gratefil if anyone knows how i can get an updated driver for this card. Games work fine but i would like to be able to use 3d mark to see my cards performance. When i try to use 3d mark it says you need proper drivers to run 3d mark. The driver i am using is the one which came with the laptop and is now nearly two years old so if anyone can help i would be very grateful.

click here and get the latest driver's...

make sure you remove all the old one's first then install the new one's....

  hugh-265156 18:57 25 Jan 2004

the magic word being "laptop"

some laptops even though they use nvidia chips(geforce go) are not supported by nvidia.have you tried click here

  yellows 19:00 25 Jan 2004

cheers have tried all these but thanks for your responses

  hugh-265156 19:07 25 Jan 2004

what is your notebook model no.?

  yellows 20:54 25 Jan 2004

my notebooks model is M295M

  hugh-265156 23:20 25 Jan 2004

i see what you mean yellows.i cannot find any info on the medion uk or us sites re your model no.very little on google too.its a geforce4go mx440 yeah?

i did find click here its for a different laptop model but im guessing it might work.

logon = drivers

password =all

  hugh-265156 23:23 25 Jan 2004

ps.XP and ME only.

  landrover3 21:38 26 Jan 2004

You could try the manufacturers site
it is click here
you will find it is in Taiwan

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