Genuine Windows XP?

  Storik 07:51 01 Jun 2006

My computer is set to receive Window XP automatic updates and these updates seem to be causing trouble.

Firstly, I lost Outlook Express - usual message, this program is not responding send report to Microsoft etc. etc. - Microsoft reply is that it is the fault of Symnatic's Anti-Spam - despite this being disabled. (Outlook Express returned last night, briefly, gone again this morning.)

Now I'm getting a message that my version of Windows XP Home is not geniune - "Get Genuine" is the message from Microsoft.

My copy of Windows XP is perfectly legitimate, bought from a reputable company and boxed.

I am now worried that if I have to reinstall everything - which I do, I am not going to be able to activate XP. What is going on?

Can anyone shed some light on this matter, please?


  josie mayhem 08:15 01 Jun 2006

can't answer why you having trouble,

If you have problems activating over the net, follow the instruction for the phone activation. If it doesn't except the activation code don't panic because it will automaticaly put you through to a support advisor who will do it for you.

One of my copies of XPhome brought from a very well known computer shop doesn't like being activated over the net and I end up going through the above (but it is nice to talk to a human at times, they very friendly)

  dms05 08:18 01 Jun 2006

Have you run your anti-virus program (and is it up to date)?

My limited experience of Spam Filters is they can cause problems. An excellent solution is to use Thunderbird for emails - it includes some of the best spam filtering you can get - and completely remove your current spam filter from your system. Thunderbird will allow you to import many of your OE settings. click here

And change to Firefox at the same time.

  Sethhaniel 08:57 01 Jun 2006

there was a lot of hoohaw about registering in 30 days or disk would be locked out - looks like Microsoft are remotly locking out computers that it deems to be invalid (whether true or untrue judging by posts)

  Storik 09:06 01 Jun 2006

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

1) Although my Norton 2005 is out of date (have 2006 to install when computer is feeling better :) ) and have removed the Anti-Spam - the problems with Outlook Express still remain. It may the Anti-Spam incorporated in BT/Yahoo internet connection - will have to find a way of disabling this.

2) Have rebooted the computer and the "genuine Windows" message has disappeared - but came back on second boot. Grrrrrrrrr

3) Will have to re-activate (on reinstall) via the phone - 'cos I'm on dialup (I'm among the 25% of population that cannot get Broadband. :( )

4) Will try Thunderbird dms05 and let you know how I get on. Will update as soon as I can - but backing up files for reinstall will take some time.

Thanks again for you help - your time is precious, thank you for sharing. :)


  Storik 09:08 01 Jun 2006

Thanks! If I cannot re-install Windows XP - I shall go back to Win98 - 'cos I aint buying another one! :)


  961 09:25 01 Jun 2006

Try going to the Microsoft page where you check that your copy of windows is genuine

This happened to me recently after downloading a security patch for .net from windows update

The warning at log up that my copy of windows was not genuine disappeared after checking and revalidating on the microsoft site and has not reappeared since

All a bit of a pain really

  Sethhaniel 14:04 01 Jun 2006

click here

microsofts forum

  pj123 14:26 01 Jun 2006

Seems to be a lot of members getting this "non genuine" message even though they have bought from reputable sources.

How is MS assessing that their copy is not genuine?

I am still on Win 98SE and don't have any of these problems whatsoever. So I think I will stay where I am for the moment.

  Sethhaniel 15:11 01 Jun 2006

Automatic Updates is downloading a third party program that checks to see if your software is legit - and tends to get it wrong and clog up sytems in doing so


looks like i'm going back to 98se too

  The 12th Man 09:45 03 Jun 2006

Manufacturers are aware of the issue but there is no fix for it yet. It is being worked on. Seems to only be happening with OEM machines. If you have been affected, don't worry. You still may have a legal copy of Windows. Hold out for a fix if you can.

Storik, make sure you uninstall NIS 2005 before you install 2006. You will need SYMNRT.exe which you can download from lots of different websites.

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