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  lauralovesballa 17:16 12 Dec 2007

i bought my computer with windows xp home sp2. after trying to install a new graphics card i messed up and couldnt get my computer to load up windows i got an error message saying fatal error. to cut a long story short because i am so impatient i got a friend to sort it out. He installed another windows xp. this copy is an american version and is xp pro. this hasnt passed the microsoft validation. what is my best move from here? Microsoft will sell me a validation key but for the version i use now, i would prefere to go back to the home version.

  howard64 17:27 12 Dec 2007

assuming you have either a reset disk or xp home disk with cd key you can just reinstall and then validate again.

  lauralovesballa 17:49 12 Dec 2007

i am a total novice sorry.... the computer came with a driver and utilities disc and one to install the cdrom drive no other discs. they was a pc angel built in but it doesnt appear to be on now??

  lauralovesballa 17:51 12 Dec 2007

i have the coa number i got when i bought the novice

  lauralovesballa 17:51 12 Dec 2007

sorry lol the coa when i bought the computer

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:04 12 Dec 2007

Borrow a XP Home CD, install and use your product key off the sticker.

  lauralovesballa 18:13 12 Dec 2007

do you have to make it sound so simple lol so i just need to find someone who will loan me a disc. thanks i try and loan a disc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 12 Dec 2007

That's the simplest solution and legal :0)

Do you want to try some other methods to see if you can get a restore partition that may be hidden?
It really matters what your "friend" has done.

  lauralovesballa 18:31 12 Dec 2007

yeah thats so true. i would prefere to retrieve those hidden files but as the fatal error that originally lost me all access (which resultied in me having this dodgie thing now) could reaccur and i wont be asking the friend for help again......

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:04 12 Dec 2007

What make and model of PC / laptop?

As long as your fiend has not cleared the drive the hidden partion is probaly still there.

  lauralovesballa 19:52 12 Dec 2007

zoostorm intel celeron pc

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