Genuine Athlon Xp3200 CPU

  Stevie07 19:01 04 Oct 2005

I have bought an Athlon XP3200 (barton) fsb 400mhz. Can someone tell me from the info produced by Sisoft Sandra if this is a genuine processor. I bought it of a power seller on ebay, but not experienced enough to interpret info. Thanks in advance.

Model : AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+
Speed : 2.34GHz
Model Number : 3200 (estimated)
Performance Rating : PR3387 (estimated)
Type : Standard
Package : Socket A PGA
Multiplier : 14/1x
Generation : G7
Name : Duron M10 & Athlon MP/XP (Barton/Thorton) 1.8GHz+ 1.65V
Revision/Stepping : A / 0 (0)
Stepping Mask : A2
Core Voltage Rating : 1.650V
Maximum Physical / Virtual Addressing : 34-bit / 32-bit

Co-Processor (FPU)
Type : Built-in
Revision/Stepping : A / 0 (0)

Processor Cache(s)
Internal Data Cache : 64kB Synchronous Write-Back (2-way, 64 byte line size)
Internal Instruction Cache : 64kB Synchronous Write-Back (2-way, 64 byte line size)
L2 On-board Cache : 512kB ECC Synchronous Write-Back (16-way, 64 byte line size)
L2 Cache Multiplier : 1/1x (2336MHz)

Environment Monitor 1
Model : ITE IT8705/12 ISA
Mainboard Specific Support : No

FPU - Co-Processor Built-in : Yes
VME - Virtual Mode Extensions : Yes
DE - Debugging Extension : Yes
PSE - Page Size Extension : Yes
TSC - Time Stamp Counter : Yes
MSR - Model Specific Registers : Yes
PAE - Physical Address Extension : Yes
MCE - Machine Check Exception : Yes
CX8 - Compare & Exchange Instruction : Yes
APIC - Local APIC Built-in : Yes
SEP - Fast System Call : Yes
MTRR - Memory Type Range Registers : Yes
PGE - Page Global Enable : Yes
MCA - Machine Check Architecture : Yes
PAT - Page Attribute Table : Yes
PSE36 - 36-bit Page Size Extension : Yes
PSN - Unique Serial Number : No
CLF - Cache Line Flush Support : No
DS - Debug Trace & EMON Store : No
ACPI - Software Clock Control : No
MMX Technology : Yes
FXSR - Fast Float Save & Restore : Yes
SSE Technology : Yes
SSE2 Technology : No
SS - Self Snoop : No
HTT - Hyper-Threading Technology : No
TM - Thermal Monitor : No
SBF - Signal Break on FERR : No
SSE3 Technology : No
MON - Monitor/MWait : No
DSCPL - CPL qualified Debug Store : No
TM2 - Thermal Monitor 2 : No
EST - Enhanced SpeedStep Technology : No
CID - Context ID : No
DAZ - Denormals Are Zero : No

Extended Features
SYCR - Extended Fast System Call : Yes
EMMX - Extended MMX Technology : Yes
3DNow! Technology : Yes
Extended 3DNow! Technology : Yes
SMP - MP Capability : No

Advanced Settings
TLB Cacheable : Yes
System Ack Limit : 4 request(s)
System Victim Limit : 0 request(s)
Extended MTRR Types : Yes
I/O Type Range Registers : Yes
Top of Memory : 70000000 (1792MB)

  alan227 19:29 04 Oct 2005

Everything seems allright except for the speed it runs at which should be 2.2Ghz.
It has L1 cache 128mb & L2 cache 512mb and runs on a 400mhz FSB.
Are you overclocking the processor?.
According to the processor speed you are running a FSB of 468Mhz.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:31 04 Oct 2005
  Stevie07 19:46 04 Oct 2005

Thanks for info. How did you get the FSB speed of 468Mhz from the information supplied. I am not overclocking this chip.

  dan11 19:50 04 Oct 2005

I would run CPU-Z. click here This will give you a more accurate figure. I do find Sandra a bit iffy.

According to the figures above, it looks as if Sandra is picking it up witha 14 X multiplier and a fsb of 166Mhz. This would give a 14 X 166 = 2.324Ghz cpu, near to the rating. It should show 11 X 200Mhz = 2.2Ghz.

I am not saying the cpu is a wrong-un. I think you may find sandra is just reporting the details incorrectly.

  alan227 20:00 04 Oct 2005

The 400mhz is double data so the processor is actually running on a 200mhz FSB x 11 multiplier.
= 2.2Ghz.
Yours runs at 2.34Ghz and as the multiplier is locked at 11 the only way you can increase the spead is to up the Front Side Bus.
Actually I calculated thre FSB wrong it should have been 424 mhz.
2.34Mhz divided by 11 = 212 x 2 = 424mhz.

  fitcher 20:04 04 Oct 2005

if you go on the amd site forum there are pictures of the processor in question ..there has been a long debate about these processors, as there are some with bridges that have been crossed on the procesor ..

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:29 04 Oct 2005

I have an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ and have just tried the latest version of Sandra and it correctly reported the CPU speed and clock multiplier. Perhaps your CPU is not as it should be.

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