This genre of SPAM - what's the point?

  peabody 16:03 17 Apr 2007

I reckon 75% of the spam emails I get are of this genre: body text has the appearance of having been copied from a book, but when you read it it's just gibberrish. Sometimes it has a religious/biblical overtone. There is always a graphic (.gif) attached (which I don't open. I never open this stuff but just see it in the preview pane (I use Outlook)and delete it.

I just don't see the point of this stuff. What does the spammer gain from it? Is the graphic a virus?

Any thoughts?

  Stuartli 16:16 17 Apr 2007

Never have OE's Preview Pane Enabled - it only needs a click on certain e-mails to set the nasties in action.

Disable Preview Pane permanently and, if you do wish to inspect a suspicious e-mail, you can do so by right clicking on it>Properties>header details>Message button.

If in any doubt, Cancel your way out and use the Toobar Delete button. You should also Delete it from the Deleted Items folder.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:04 17 Apr 2007

The graphic isn't a virus; in general it is an advert for something or other. Server side spam filters find it very difficult to read the text on the image so it generally gets through.

Many users of email programs will allow the image to be shown in the body of the text - the enlightened don't so like you you don't see the point of the email.

click here for more info.

  p;3 17:21 17 Apr 2007


click here this program for actually keeping the mails OFF your pc and ON the server; preview them too IN this program and keep your comp safe::))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:23 17 Apr 2007

I never turn my preview pane off, click on all these spam messages and have never had a virus. I think that this is a bit of a myth.


  keef66 17:38 17 Apr 2007

I never preview anything, occasionally check properties, and just delete anything which looks suspicious or I'm not expecting

  p;3 17:41 17 Apr 2007

mine now gets checked on server by mailwasher before it even sees my OE program (to which I was introduced at the promptings of dear DJohn) : NOWT gets downloaded unless I am happy with it;

  Graham. 19:44 17 Apr 2007

Since moving to Sky 2 months ago I don't get any spam. I expect they'll find me eventually.

  peabody 13:09 18 Apr 2007

I opened a couple of the attached gifs and they're just a daft graphic purporting to give financial/share advice.

I just don't see the point in this garbage.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:29 18 Apr 2007

The point of it is that spammers hope that people will believe it and buy the stocks / shares; prices will rise and those who have them can sell at a profit.

Others offer medicines and the message gets through despite text based filtering.

  keef66 13:50 18 Apr 2007

It's the same as junk mail, cold telephone calling etc, but very much cheaper. The success rate must be vanishingly small, but it costs next to nothing to send it out and it is done completely automatically, so they keep on doing it. Sooner or later, somebody, somewhere will be tempted to follow it up. If they never got any kind of response they would be wasting their time and stop.

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