Genetic Trojan and Net Hijacker

  silverdragon41 21:52 17 Jan 2009

Ok, last Monday my laptop was hit with a dozen Genetic Trojans. A scan with Bit Defender got rid of most, but some it would not. So I took it to the shop and got it I thought.

Got it home today went to ebay, attempted to set up a new Paypall account and it gave me an error. I tried again and same happened. After closing the page, I restarted it. went to google search, typed in ebay. clicked on the ebay result and screen went blank as it loaded. In the address it said "adsnetwork". I was then diverted to another site about making millions off ebay :s I tried Myyearbook the same way and was taken to another advert site via "adsnetwork".

Computer shop guy said I had a Hijacker. I did a scan and I also had 3 Genetic Trojans in my System32 folders.

Whats going on? Was it cleaned and then hit again as soon as I got home? Or were they hidden deep and waiting.

Is there as a way to find and delete this Hijacker along with these Trojans myself?

  birdface 22:09 17 Jan 2009

This is the latest version.make sure you download the free version.Update it then run it in safe mode if you here

  silverdragon41 23:46 17 Jan 2009

I installed, entered safe mode, but the laptop ran out of battery and turned off...even though it was plugged in. And now it wont do much in safe mode until battery full...and even then it will just do the same. screwed huh?

  silverdragon41 23:57 17 Jan 2009

trying again

  silverdragon41 00:35 18 Jan 2009

ok, it turned off again about 40mins into the scan. It said it had to shut down because the DCOM server Process Launcher terminated unexpectedly.

and ideas?

  birdface 10:30 18 Jan 2009

Hi did it actually find anything when scanning and before it shut down.Now found this from a different thread maybe try the instructions even though your scan may have picked up different virus's. [ System shutdown initiated by NT Authority/system System must restart because DCOM server process launcher terminated unexpectedly", cancel the scan immediately and click next. Quarantine / Remove any Win32.Trojan.KillAV objects that are found at this point. Let the computer restart and the malware file should be removed after reboot. Perform ] Maybe worth a try.Or cancel the scan before you think it is about to cancel the scan again and if it has found anything remove them.And then maybe do another scan and see if it picks up anything else.The only other good program for removing problems is Superantispyware.I would keep trying with Malwarebytes but use Superantispyware if you cant remove anything. click here

  silverdragon41 15:52 18 Jan 2009

yes, 1 was found near the begining. as soon as i saw it, i stopped scan and put it in quarantine. It was a Trojan ........ I rescanned and it was gone. still scanning now

It goes very slows, freezes, carries on, freezes and eventually stops about 32 mins into the scan. All this happens while scanning these files:

C:\Documents an Settings\edward molloy\Local settings\application data\microsoft\media player\Transcoded Files Cache\

I am going to delete some files and also Media player. see what that does

  silverdragon41 16:30 18 Jan 2009

I just got this error message

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services encounted a problem

  silverdragon41 16:32 18 Jan 2009

now its shutting down because of that DCOM server Process Launcher. And this is in normal mode

  birdface 20:01 18 Jan 2009

If you paid for it to be repaired at the shop you should take it back obviously they never made a good job of cleaning it.Or if you want to carry on.Try this here You will need to sign in.They will help you clean your computer but as they are busy it usually takes a couple of days before they can help.

  silverdragon41 21:32 18 Jan 2009

i go away on the 26th and only have monday off college so i dont think i have a choice but to take it to shop and hope they dont recharge cause I had to cancel my cards when I found the Trojans lol.

Otherwise, I will goto that place later in the week.

Thanks for the help buteman :)

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