Generally poor PC performance :-(

  vaughan007 15:52 24 Jun 2005

Hello all,

Windows XP
p4 3.2
1GB of RAM
550W PSU
6800GT card

Basically, my PC is performing generally very badly.

Its ok for a while and then, after playing a game such as counterstrike (and any other game), the performance drops through the floor as if the PC is really about 5 or 6 years old.

This can happen after 10 minutes of play or after an hour of play. It is totally random.

I have totally reinstalled windows, scanned for viruses and adware. Run counterstrike and another game on the system with no other applications installed at all...but the problem is still there.

So I can only assume its some kind of hardware fault, but I am at a total loss as to what.

I am beginning to think there is a fault on my motherboard as I have already tried a new graphics card and the PSU is also brand new (this problem existed with the old PSU and AGP card too).

The only other thing I can think of is bad memory perhaps?

I have dont a PCpitstop test and got poor results for memory, system and something is obviously not right :-(

Any help is much appreciated.

  Adnan 16:02 24 Jun 2005

Have you tried a defrag? click here
Crap Cleaner? click here
Are your graphics drivers up to date?

Apologies if this is all obvious...

  Adnan 16:06 24 Jun 2005

Could your system be overheating? Try Aida32 click here
to check

  vaughan007 16:16 24 Jun 2005


No its OK to state the obvious.

Yes it has been defragged and cleaned and the drivers are all the latest versions.

I have also tried a complete reinstall of windows and run one game on an otherwise clean system...the problem was still there.

Aida32 does not appear to be available anymore.

  mosfet 16:44 24 Jun 2005

Aida32 is updated to Everest now.

  mosfet 12:04 25 Jun 2005
  Indigo 1 13:16 25 Jun 2005

I suspect the game or something that is used by the game is not letting go properly when the game is closed.

Open Task Manager and click on the Processes tab to see if anything is using up the CPU cycles, they should all be down below 10% when nothing is running except for System Idle Process which I would expect to read up to 99% indicating that all processes are idle. IN CD is notorious for not 'letting go' and is installed with NERO but can be uninstalled separately.

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