General Upgrade advice needed please?

  JUSZO 18:58 29 Jan 2003

Hi guys and girlz. I desperately want to upgrade my PC. Got a Compac Presario 5WV296. I had upgraded RAM to 512k and hard drive to 50Gb but processor is still an AMD Athon 1GHz...and I want it brought up to date (2.4+). The CPU is an AMD Athlon PECM 1000mhz and the motherboard is a Compaq 06E4h....Can anyone out there tell me firstly if it can be done? Then, where is the best place to shop? and lastly, how it can be done? I really would appreciate any help or advice on what I need to do. Thanks....

  Gongoozler 20:57 29 Jan 2003

Hi JUSZO, after a fairly extensive web search, I still can't give you a definitive answer, so I'll just have to make a guess. Compaq are one of those makers who have their motherboards and cases made specially for them. Unfortunately this means that the information available is fairly limited, but I am almost certain that your motherboard will not accept a significantly faster processor, and unfortunately I suspect that the case will not accept a standard ATX motherboard. If that is the situation, then your upgrade options will involve a minimum of a new case, motherboard and processor.

  JUSZO 21:30 29 Jan 2003

Thanks Gongoozler...thats what I had feared....I had better get looking on ebay. Is it feasible that all the other aspects of my current PC (DVD, CDRW,RAM...etc) could all be transferred over to new motherboard, processor and tower case fairly easily????

  Timeforabeer 21:44 29 Jan 2003


Try click here

It's for Compaq may give you some specs and possible upgrades.

  JUSZO 22:31 29 Jan 2003

cheers guys....

  pj123 22:46 29 Jan 2003

If you decide to go the way of new case, Motherboard and CPU try this site click here

  Gongoozler 09:43 30 Jan 2003

JUSZO, DVD, CDRW, Hard drive, floppy drive, Graphics card, sound card, modem (if you have them and they are not integrated) will all be transferable. The RAM may be transferable, but most modern motherboards use DDR, and yours is probably SDRAM. Be cautious when buying computer parts on ebay. There are some bargains to be had there, there are also people unloading rubbish such as processors that have been overclocked (and overheated). Have a look at prices from a reputable outlet such as Ebuyer click here to see if the savings are really worthwhile.

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