General Protection Faults when starting Windows

  robit 20:08 23 Nov 2003

I seem to have another problem recently but it is getting more frequent now. When starting 98se and just as the icons start to appear in the system tray ie: the speaker, ontrack antivirus, zone alarm, I get general protection faults come up on the screen (one by one) which corisponds with what is running in the 'close program' box when you use ctrl,alt.del. I then have to close each one in turn and sometimes the system locks up and have to use the power button to do a restart. Could it be a memory problem (256ddr installed). Ontrack antivirus has been on there a long time with no problems. The only recent changes have been to install 'ZoneAlarm'

In the 'close program' window is Explorer, ZoneAlarm, Mxtask, Point32, Stimon, Systray, Type32.

  hector 911 20:24 23 Nov 2003

It could be conflicts with zonealarm why don`t you go into msconfig and untick zonealarm & restart pc and see if it runs ok.

  robit 20:42 23 Nov 2003


Yes, I'll try that over the next few days but I will have to start 'ZoneAlarm' manually after everything has loaded.

  hector 911 21:24 23 Nov 2003

general protection faults can be software or drivers conflicts, you say this occurred after zone alarm, zone alarm can use up a lot of resources, why don`t you download again and reinstall after removing previous ZA.

or try a different firewall - Outpost has good reviews

  robit 19:44 24 Nov 2003


Previous to using ZoneAlarm I was using 'Preventon Firewall" but because it ran in stealth mode only it didn't like NTL Broadband which according to that can cause a problem which it certainly did. I will have a look at Outpost, cheers.

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