General network problemo!

  JkF50 22:01 08 May 2009

Ok the deal is, i have a broadband connection, which goes dirct into a BT Home Hub (V1.5 Software: 6.2.6.E)that is connected to a PC and a Netgear Router, the Netgear Router is then connected to The PC im on now and my new game server.

The problem is, the game server will not go on the internet or open anything to do with the internet. Both this Pc and the game server are connected into the netgear router via RJ45 Cables and the Netgear router is obviously just working like a switch.

So im wondering, is there anything i can do? Can i actually host the server like that? or will i need to look into getting a new hub?

  brundle 23:19 08 May 2009

Is the Netgear a cable/DSL model? Does it have a "bridge" mode? Is DHCP enabled on the Netgear as well as the Home Hub?

  JkF50 23:37 08 May 2009

GD834G v3, old one from a while back. I dont actually know, i cant seem to access it via the normal i.p as it goes to the Home Hub instead and the same applies for the last bit.

  brundle 23:56 08 May 2009

GD834G is an ADSL router. As such, any connection you make to it will be on the LAN side, so it will assign a LAN IP address of its own and attempt to send any packets not destined for internal networks via the WAN port, which will be the RJ11 phone jack - why not use the Homehub for all communications?

  brundle 23:58 08 May 2009

A switch will serve your purposes better. A hub will do the same job, but with more broadcast traffic and subsequently slower performance if you connect more than one client.

  JkF50 00:16 09 May 2009

The home hub has only two ethernet ports, which was the main reason i decided to use the router, as an extension. Any budget switch you could advise?
Thanks for helping :)

  ambra4 01:28 23 May 2009

Try this one

D-Link 5 Port 10/100 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

click here

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