Geforce4 Ti4200, 4400, 4600

  blackmoon 19:02 07 Jan 2003
  blackmoon 19:02 07 Jan 2003

I need some advice.
Does anyone know who has the best prices for graphics cards. I definitely want a Geforce 4 Titanium, but I don't know which I should get?

  Nappy1610 22:20 07 Jan 2003

it depends what ur going to do wiv ur computer on what card u get!

For cheap cards try:
click here
click here (im not sure on this one)


  Nappy1610 22:25 07 Jan 2003

sorry its click here

ive had a look and for general use id go for the 4400. if u intend to do alot of high resolution graphic work i'd recommend the 4600.


  jazzypop 23:07 07 Jan 2003

click here for an interesting comparison of the TI cards.

click here for a comparison of all the major cards

  blackmoon 00:05 08 Jan 2003

Thanks for the help jazzy and Nappy.
I think I'll end up getting the 4600, as I want to use the pc for gaming.

  Jungle 06:13 08 Jan 2003

Hi ..

Before you spend your cash...

I use the ASUS TI4200 128MB DDR RAM card and find it very good for the money ( About GBP 115 ) The great thing about the card is the overclocking potential ( The RAM used is very good quality ).. ( I have mine overclocked to the max, its stable and ASUS provide you with the tweak utility to do it ) which brings the card close to the performance of a TI4600 card for far less money. ( TI 4600 is about GBP 220 ).

Obviously depends on your budget..and your PC spec but..( I say PC spec as there's no point in buying a TI 4600 or better card ( ie NV 30 chip or equiv.. ) if you only have a 600mhz machine as you will not be using the card to its full potential and hence Im afraid possibly waisting your money. )..If the PC is this sort of spec go for a GForce 3 TI card..still good for gaming and a great bargain now.

If however your machine is Pet 4 2GHZ+ or equivalent then...Another thought could be to wait 2 months...The new NVIDIA cards based on the NV30 chip come out in Feb and could be worth the wait...not only that but the price of the top end TI 4600 / ATI Pro 9700 cards will have to drop as they will no longer be the latest products.

Just a thought...Apologies if I have put you back to square one !


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