GeForce2 Mx OC'ing

  Sunny-275842 11:17 03 Mar 2003

I want to OC (overclock :)) my gfx card I need to download CoolBits and also something called the Detonator? Do I need both to OC my gfx, i know CoolBits is needed but what does the Detonator do?

thnks anyone with a response!


  nightporter 12:05 03 Mar 2003

Detonator is the name of the Nvidia driver for your Graphics card, you should already have this on you system. On the plus side, overclocking may give you a few extra frames per second in your games (you wont notice) , on the downside, you might fry your G/Card. Instantly.

  Sunny-275842 12:43 03 Mar 2003

ive bought a fan for my gfx card so i suppose thats ok (wouldnt it?) so the Detonator is already with my gfx so why do i see on web sites bout OC'ing always refer to the Detonator proggy? so do i need to dload it or do i just only dload the CoolBits?



  Sunny-275842 12:53 03 Mar 2003


  Stuartli 12:58 03 Mar 2003

Detonator is not the standard nVidia driver - this is only up to Version in the case of my own GeForce2 32MB 400MX; the handful of standard nVidia drivers are all backward compatible with GeForce, TNT etc cards.

  Stuartli 13:03 03 Mar 2003

The latest nVidia Detonator drivers for games, multimedia etc can be found here:

click here

  Sunny-275842 13:03 03 Mar 2003

so..... do i need to dload the Detonator then? and also CoolBits dont forget that!

  « Ravin » 13:18 03 Mar 2003

i think its not worth oc'ing your card, the difference would be very slight as others have suggested previously. are you experimenting on an older card?

  Sunny-275842 13:23 03 Mar 2003

well the card is a Winfast GeForce 2 Mx had it bout 2 years or 1 not sure(nothing great) but just seems laggy at time when playing UT2003 and i like to get it to run a bit better but should be soon upgrading to a new Radion 9700 much better than the new nForce(?)

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