GeForce Ti 4200 Graphics card

  al1234 17:49 07 Mar 2003

Please help, just got a GeForce Ti 4200 Graphics card, I would like to know which is the best settings for steaming and watching music videos from the internet, as most videos aren?t very good quality?

  powerless 18:07 07 Mar 2003

It dosnt matter what setting for streaming video etc as the quality is dependant upon the quality of the actual clip, what it was encdoed at.

You could put all settings to max = All sliders to the right.

Even watching DVD you will not notice a difference althought the quality will be 100 times more than a streamed clip.

Theres nothing you can do to improve the quality apart from getting a higher quality video clip.

For example (Generally speaking)

A clip that is 10MB and 20 seconds long would be be higer quality than 2MB at 20 seconds. You owuld notice a difference in the playback.

All you can do is just leave it or recieve higher quality streams etc.

  Ironman556 18:48 07 Mar 2003

On some sites you may be able to download and save the video, then play it. There'll usually be different qualities as a high quality video will not play smoothly over a 56K connection but would over a 128/500K connection, so a lower quality is used to give an overall better performance for the users on slower connections.

There's nothing you can do to to your graphics card to improve the video quality over the internet.

  microswift 20:17 07 Mar 2003

Ironman556 is spot on, I have the same card with a 600k connection and have no problems with streaming video, have you installed the latest drivers for the card? could the problem be with your monitor, i.e calibration, resolution, refresh rate etc.

  KrySTaL-KoDE 20:52 07 Mar 2003

Hmm... such powerful graphics cards do not really do much to affect the quality of streaming media though. If a streaming file isn't originally sampled in good quality then you won't be able to improve the quality no matter what you do on your end. And most streaming files aren't good quality because then it would be very slow for most users.

However you could improve the streaming rate by using a faster broadband connection.

  powerless 21:14 07 Mar 2003

Is there an echo in here lol

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