Geforce or Radeon??

  Madscot_uk 22:25 13 Jun 2005

Nvidia 6600 256Mb ddr agp or ATI Radeon 9600XT/agp 256Mb, torn between the two cards....price is similar...but which is the best?

  garrema 22:48 13 Jun 2005

Go for the 6600 check its a "GT". Better & newer

  Joe R 22:48 13 Jun 2005


If you can afford a little bit more, the 6600GT, is head and shoulders above both.

  jesta 23:12 13 Jun 2005

pay a little for the 6600GT,it is a lot better. i dont think 8600xt is that good anyways!

  Madscot_uk 23:25 13 Jun 2005

so is a 128Mb 6600Gt a more powerful card then the 256Mb 6600?

  dagwoood 00:03 14 Jun 2005

Madscot_uk, yes the GT version is a more powerful card.

The GT's on-board processor(GPU)and memory run faster than a standard 6600. The standard 6600 GPU/memory speeds are 300/500 MHz respectively. The 6600GT runs at 500/900 MHz.

It's widely accepted that the 6600GT is currently the best mid range graphics card on the market.

HTH, dagwoood.

  Madscot_uk 09:05 14 Jun 2005


Thank you for your advice, i am now definately going to invest a couple of extra £'s into the GT card.

One final thought, what determines the 'power' of a card, previously i have thought it was memory size, but for future reference, is memory speed the determining factor?


  Totally-braindead 10:24 14 Jun 2005

Theres more than one answer to this so its not a simple question. Its not memory size its things like pipelines, speed of memory as you've mentioned and speed of GPU. I can't explain properly as to be honest I know very little about it, I'm more interested in reading reviews of the various cards and tests on same to see which is best value for me rather than looking through a lot of technical specs. But I'm sure if this is the sort of thing that interests you that someone on the Forum will provide you to links about this sort of thing. Agree with the others by the way from all the reviews and tests I have seen on the subject the 6600GT is the best "budget" card. Have a look here theres tons of information. click here

  Madscot_uk 11:37 16 Jun 2005

Now have a 6600Gt installed, very nice for the price.

Thanks again for everyones advice

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