Geforce FX5200 & Win XP Boot problem

  gl69 17:23 28 Aug 2003

Running an Athlon 1400mhz, 512Mb DDR PC2100 (2 256Mb sticks),Elite K7S5A (3.1 revision & latest bios) motherboard, with Hurcules 5.1 Soundcard, DVD & CDRW seperates & 300watt psu.

fitted the FX5200 last night, BIOS posts but windows xp home refuses to load. Just getting a blank screen. If I turn off the computer and reboot I get the "safe mode" prompt but that doesn't work either. Was running a Geforce 2 TI previously with no problems.

Have repaired my win xp installation just to be safe and that went through ok but same problem as before once it's installed.
Not sure what version of detonator drivers I have been running but they are new (42.??, 43.??)

Any ideas?

  ulrich 17:40 28 Aug 2003

Have you uninstalled all the old drivers from your last GF2.

  gl69 17:42 28 Aug 2003

No - can't get in the system to remove them!

Haven't tried putting my gforce2 back in yet. Do
you think removing the drivers and deleting the hardware profile could solve the problem.

I find it weird that windows could install and then not boot correctly!

A friend mentioned it could be a memory problem on the new card...

  rickf 18:05 28 Aug 2003

the latest driver is 45.23. Perhaps you did not uninstall before installing the new drivers. Start again.

  citadel 18:14 28 Aug 2003

You should always remove the drivers from the old card before you fit a new one. I think win xp likes you to use signed drivers.

  gl69 08:41 29 Aug 2003

Thanks for your help people.
I tried putting the old card back in but that didn't work either.

Don't know what happened but in the end I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled everything. It works now!!

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