GeForce FX 5700 upgrade

  pomerian 16:46 19 Mar 2004

After reading last months article on upgrading graphics card I purchased a Sparkle GeForce Fx5700 20Mb card from overclockers & insdalled it as per article but after 15 mins use the screen went black I rebooted & it came back on for 5 mins & went off again. Overclockers replaced it, fitted it & updated drivers and it worked fine for 2 days about 8hrs running, next day it went off after 15 mins it will now only run for 5 mins. Overclockers say it must be short of power and I must fit a bigger power unit but I have doubts as it ran O.K for 8hrs. anyone any ideas System ,ME ,800Mhz AMD Duron ,320MB RAM main board ATX VIA KT133 4x socket ,Disc 20Gb 15 free ,250W power

  skell 17:18 19 Mar 2004

You say you have a FX5700 with 20MB, most new cards are now 128-256MB.

I have used a FX5200 128MB in a very similar spec machine but my power unit is 350watts. So it may be a power issue. Nowadays most systems come with either 350watts or 400watt power units to be able to support these new power hungry graphic cards etc. There may be some info on the graphic card by way of minimun spec machine required in a manual you may have got with the card. have a check in there before you do anything like go out and buy a new power unit. Also im sure you'll get other suggestions regarding this post.


  Indigo 1 17:39 19 Mar 2004

Almost certainly a lack of power. Sorry

By the look of your specs you have already upgraded a fair bit and have got away with the old PSU. The new GFX card is very power hungry so it is now time to upgrade the PSU.

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