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  rickster 19:45 30 Apr 2004

Hi all,

I have a small issue, i have a Gigabyte GA7DX which i believe supports up to 4x AGP, i am looking to upgrade to a GeForce 5xxx sries but am not gonna spend more than 100 quid. I have seen a 5600FX with 128MB which runs at 400Mhz, and 400Mhz Ramdac, but i have also seen a 256MB but the speed is only 200Mhz RAM, with my board am i wasting my time looking for 400Mhz and be better off with the ram or better off with the speed (if it works with AGP4x)? Is there a better solution? Any advice appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 20:09 30 Apr 2004

The difference between the 4x and 8x is so small as to be almost insignificant, I know what you're thinking the 8x card will be twice as fast but you'd be wrong. Could you post the webpages of the 2 cards you're looking at so I can get a better idea of what you're comparing?

  Totally-braindead 20:23 30 Apr 2004

Have a look at
click here
for some ideas, bear in mind this site only uses 15 websites so you may find it cheaper elsewhere and I've found that the pcindex site doesn't show all the cards available from the websites listed so it worth a look at the websites individually, also have a look at click here for very useful advice about graphics cards.

  rickster 20:23 30 Apr 2004

One is from dabs, the other is from MicroDirect. Would i get the benefit from the RAM clock speed if im only running at 4xAGP as its only 300Mhz for the 256Mb card but 400Mhz for the 128Mb. In effect, which is better, the speed or the double in size?


  Totally-braindead 20:50 30 Apr 2004

Theres no easy answer to this, in order to compare 2 cards properly like this you have to compare same to same. I assume you were looking at the Dabs value 128mb card, it looks quite good for the money, unsure which one you were looking at on Microdirect though. If I was going to buy another card at the £100 mark I'd probably go for something like a FX5600 or 5700 as I'm a bit biased towards ATI cards at the moment due to a card that wouldn't work. Wait and see if anyone else comes up with anything.

  rickster 10:59 01 May 2004

Ta muchly, i think i will possibly go for a higher 5600 or 5700, i just wanted to know if i was wasting my time with only 4x AGP.


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