geforce 8800gts 340mb question

  project 90 17:30 15 Feb 2008

i have been tinkering with my g card with the nvidia ntune programme.

i have noticed it says my memory clock core sped is 850Mhz

but in the info on my card it says it should be 1700mhz(effective).

can any 1 say why this is, i have thought it must have like 2 memory banks and takes the speed of 1 bank the doubles it to give this effective speed

can some 1 clear this up for me plz


  Armchair 17:44 15 Feb 2008

DDR (Double Data Rate) VRAM. 2 x 850 = 1700...........

  project 90 00:05 16 Feb 2008

i see so it is that simple am trying to get 10000 points on 3d mark so atm i got 998 on the memory and 679 on the core score 9676 so still away to go yet

  lisa02 00:24 16 Feb 2008

What's the rest of your spec and which version of 3dmark?

  project 90 02:10 16 Feb 2008

erm an athlon 5000 and 2 gig of crucial balistix running at 4-4-4-12 and 800mhz

i can only get my fsb on cpu to 210 or my system crashes.

am not an oc i just thought i would give myself a challenge hoping to get more points by tweaking my g card speeds but dnt think i can go much higher

and its 2006 3dmark

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