GeForce 8600GT passive - any good?

  Maiden. 16:06 31 Mar 2008

Need a new graphics card, and performance requirements / budget seem to suggest the 8600GT range.

I like quiet, so I'm looking for passive / heatsink and fan combo's to keep the noise levels down.

Seen a number at the usual places (Novatech, Dabs, Scan etc), but does anyone have 'real world' experience of cards in this range - any recommendations for specific ones to buy (Novatech own brand, XFX etc), any to avoid etc ?

Any help very much appreciated before I spend my hard earned cash!


  Si_L 16:11 31 Mar 2008

I have that card in my machine and it is fairly quiet. Its also a brilliant card, I got it for something like 70 quid.

  Totally-braindead 16:13 31 Mar 2008

I have a 7600GS made by XFX and it has a passive heatsink. Had it about a year with no problems at all.
I do have 2 case fans though and think that the airflow is good, if your case does not have good airflow you might have a problem. Maybe not but it does get quite hot.

  Maiden. 21:08 31 Mar 2008

Thanks for that

Think the airlow may be OK for a purely passive cooled card - and XFX looks fave, but its about £85. Any others I nned to consider?

I'm also assumimg GDDR3 rather than 2 is what I should be looking for?

Thanks again

  Totally-braindead 11:44 01 Apr 2008

Yes DDR3 cards are faster.

  wjrt 12:01 01 Apr 2008

click here
slightly better card and cheaper see Tom's Hardware for reviews

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