GeForce 8400GS upgrade

  thebladeissharpe 08:49 24 Sep 2007

Hi all,

Hopefully someone has the answer to a problem I have since upgrading my graphics card.

System is a Dell Dimension 8400:

Bios A09
Intel Pentium 4 3GHz
Processor bus speed 800MHz
Ram 3.0 Gb 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM

Original Graphics card = Radeon XT300 PCIE

Upgraded to = GeForce 8400GS

All driver updates have been made to: Chipset, BIOS, + graphics card.

Problem is every so often the screen goes black, sound continues unaltered. This happens at any time and the delay in the picture on screen coming back on varies from a split second to 3-4 secs no longer though.

It is worse when trying to play MOH Airborne etc.

Does anyone have any ideas. Many thanks Al

  CodenameCueball 13:26 24 Sep 2007

happent sometimes on my nvidia card. possible just a slow refresh or overheating.

  umbongo(uk) 14:54 24 Sep 2007

is this just happening in moh airborne or all games?

try uninstalling all previeous nvidia driver then installing fresh

when the box comes up saying found new hardware ignore it and install them yourself

also is your card a passive cooled one ie no fan
turn some of the effects down ingame also set sound to low if you can, if it runs with no crashe,s means the cards heat is building up and case isnt ciculating air over the card

black screen happens in quite few games mainly due to drivers or a .dll loop due to the driver for which we have to wait for a patch to the game

  thebladeissharpe 15:25 24 Sep 2007

It happens in all games and even when not playing games (internet browsing, word, excel etc).

I have completely removed all previous drivers with PC Driver cleaner and installed all up to date drivers. The card has its own onboard fan.

I have just re installed the Radeon XT300 and all is well, but it is not compatable with the new games hence the upgrade.

Many thanks Al

  umbongo(uk) 16:22 24 Sep 2007

blade id send it back as there may be somthing faultly with it
sounds like a cold solder not being connected thus its not getting regular power it needs or thermal pad under heatsink is not doing its job
which is their problem to solve
unless u can try it in another system id go with rma ing it back to the company or shop you bought it

  stevecrem 20:37 10 Oct 2007

Has 'thebladeissharpe's problem been solved?

I have exactly the same problem. upgraded to an Asus 8400gs and I get random black screens.

please help.

  thebladeissharpe 22:52 11 Oct 2007

Hi Steve

I fixed the problem it was a faulty card, changed the card and all was well after a reinstall. While I was at the dealers I spoke to a few people and there has been quite a few of these cards having to be replaced.

Hope this helps. Regards Al

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