geforce 7600gs problem

  lateralus 09:06 03 Nov 2006

Hi. Hope someone can help with this.

I bought a new Galaxy 7600gs agp yesterday as my old radeon 9200's a bit outdated now. After installing the new card my computer wont boot. The power light comes on & I can hear the fans running but I dont hear the usual beep & the monitor is just black, no bios screen or anything. I tried reinstalling it a few times just in case it wasn't installed correctly but no luck so I reinstalled my old 9200 & everything runs fine.

These are my specs -

Windows XP Home sp2
1gb DDR Ram
MSi ms-6596 mainboard
AMD Athlon xp 2700+

I know it's an old system but it runs most games fine so I thought I'd just upgrade the video card.
After reading some other posts on varios forums I was wondering if my psu is too low. It is a 400w unit. The only other things in my computer are 2 dvd drives & 1 hard drive.

here is a link to my motherboard - click here

Could someone please check that my mobo supports this card. Im pretty sure it does as it is agp v3.05 (8x). Otherwise the only thing I can think of is that its a faulty card.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

  keef66 09:55 03 Nov 2006

Your system's not as old as mine! It should take that card easily. Does the new card have a separate power connector for a spare molex from your psu??

(have a look at the instructions!)

  keef66 10:03 03 Nov 2006

click here

looks like it does need the extra power connector

  lateralus 10:11 03 Nov 2006

Thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry I'm a bit of a newbie so bear with me if my posts dont make much sense.

Yes, I plugged the card to an unused molex cable that was coming from the HD.

  lateralus 10:16 03 Nov 2006

Thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry I'm a bit of a newbie so bear with me if my posts dont make much sense.

Yes, I plugged the card to an unused molex cable that was coming from the HD. Do you think that the card needs to go straight into the psu instead of coming from the HD?

  keef66 10:20 03 Nov 2006

with the side off the case can you see if the cooling fan on the graphics card spins when you try to power it up?

If not, do you have a spare power connector coming directly from your power supply, rather than one shared with a HDD?

If still no fan activity and no post, I'd suspect the card's a dud and get it exchanged pronto

  lateralus 10:22 03 Nov 2006

I can hear the fan spinning when I turn it on. I'm going to shut down now & try installing again & have a fiddle about inside to check the psu.

  keef66 10:44 03 Nov 2006

I have Googled a bit and some people with cheap, overrated psu's have had to replace them with better ones to get these cards to run.

Maybe too late, but while you're in there, check the label on the psu. Does it tell you how many amps it gives on the 12v rail? Someone suggested 20A is needed.

Can you borrow a beefier power supply from somebody, to save buying one then finding out it's not the cause?

When you push the card into the agp slot, make sure it goes all the way in, and any locking clip is clicked in. They can be very tight.

I think unless your psu is failing, a low power output still wouldn't result in complete failure to boot. More likely a defective card.

  lateralus 11:14 03 Nov 2006

Right, finished looking inside. I didnt have a spare connector from my psu so I tried disconnecting the DVD drives & using that connector but still got the same problem.

Yes the card was definitely inserted correctly

I think the sticker on my psu said the +12v rail was 10A. I'm going to take it down my local pc shop this afternoon to see if they can test the card for me & possibly order a new psu if thats the problem. I was reluctant to do that because it'll take forever, nobody does things quickly here in Spain. Oh well, thanks a lot for your help, I'll post later to let you know how I got on.

  Totally-braindead 13:19 03 Nov 2006

What I would think is wrong is either the graphics card is dead or its not getting enough power or the card isn't in the slot properly.
I would remove the card and try putting it back in, it does require a bit of force. If it still fails then try booting with only the graphics card connected, no hard drives, optical drives or anything else, it should still boot to BIOS and you should get something on the screen even if it just says something like no boot drive detected . If nothing still shows on the screen then I would suspect the graphics card is faulty. If it does boot at this point with nothing else connected then its almost certainly the power supply.

  lateralus 14:41 03 Nov 2006

I tried what you suggested braindead. I disconnected everything & tried booting up with my old card first. With my old card it went to bios & said "Hard drive has changed", with my new one I still got nothing. I reckon I've got a dead card but I'll try it in a different system later just to be sure.

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