GeForce 6800 SLI possible on Windows 98 ??

  Kreshna 07:34 20 Nov 2006

One thing I like about GeForce 6800 is that it works with Windows 98, so I (at least theoritically) can play old, Windows 98-only games with all the glory of 6800 (AA, AF, etc). However, a friend told me that Windows 98 does NOT support PCI Express, so a 6800 SLI is impossible in Win 98. At most, I can only use 6800 AGP, but no SLI.

However, [url=click here]what I found here[/url] is pretty much shocking.

Yes, it is ForceWare 81.98 Win98/ME. In fact, the software description says that the version is "is intended for Windows 98 SE and ME". Yet the version also supports SLI configuration, as well as resolving some previous SLI issues.

And furthermore, I found something interesting in [url=click here]ForceWare 61.76 download page[/url]. The page says that the driver is for Windows Windows 95/98/Me, yet it also provides "complete support for NVIDIA PCI-E GPUs".

So does Windows 98 support PCI Express? Can we use PCI Express video cards on Windows 98? And furthermore, is GeForce 6800 SLI configuration possible on Windows 98?

  gudgulf 09:38 20 Nov 2006

It is nothing to do with Windows98 and everything to do with the nVidia drivers.

The graphics card will work with any operating system providing it has drivers for that os to give it the correct instructions.

Same thing goes for SLI.......It's nVidias drivers that give support,not Windows

So if a driver release from nVidia states that it is compatible with PCI-e and SLI and is written for 98/Me then it will work.

Your friend is talking your web search illustrates.

What advantage running an older game in SLI will be is another matter.A single 6800 will run any old game maxed out with ease.

It's also possible to run just about any game from the Win98/me period under Windows XP......I have loads of them.Some work without any tweaking,some need compatibility mode switching on and some (like the original TombRaider games) need patches applying.

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