GB allowance on broadband

  trying 12:36 04 Feb 2011

At present I am on dial-up connection, please can anyone explain the download allowance example- 40GB per month? Does that include windows updates, or is it videos,music and photos

  northumbria61 12:41 04 Feb 2011

In a nutshell, the term refers to the monthly limit that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) sets for the amount of data you can download (unless you are on an unlimited package). You download different amounts of data depending on what activity you are doing online.

  northumbria61 12:47 04 Feb 2011

Usage is the combined total of your downloads (data from the Internet to your computer) and uploads (data from your computer to the Internet)

  trying 12:53 04 Feb 2011

Thanks but does it also include the windows updates downloads?

  onthelimit 13:11 04 Feb 2011

It includes everything that's downloaded, so that includes updates. However, 40Gb is a lot ( I rarely go over 10), particularlt as you're used to dial-up.

  lotvic 14:40 04 Feb 2011

I have just installed thinkbroadband usage monitor click here which tells me how much of my total allowance I've used
If you minimize it you get an icon in the sys tray (near clock at bottom right) and if you hover your mouse over it it tells you how much of your monthly allowance/ and current day you have used.
You set the values in 'Options' (righclick on the icon and choose Options > Quota Settings)

I can't make much of the graph style thing that displays..... but find the minimize and then hover mouse over it tells me where I'm at - Quota 40Gb Used 0.014Gb or today Down =31.5Mb Up = 2.7Mb (bear in mind I literally have just installed it)
Haven't worked out how to make it change between the two yet with the mouse hover :) lol

and maybe I'll get to grips with the graph thingy eventually, lol

  northumbria61 15:27 04 Feb 2011

lotvic - snap! Downloaded this a couple of day ago. Quite a handy little tool. Not quite sure about the "graph" either especially the speed in Mbps. - The green is obviously down and the red is up but the "stats" button is good.

  northumbria61 15:31 04 Feb 2011

trying - as per "on the limit" - I rarely go over 10GB and I use the Internet quite a lot. But you can always "upgrade" your package if you need a bigger allowance. 40GB would be classed as "heavy user" by most ISP's

  Graham. 15:39 04 Feb 2011

Your ISP should have the facility for you to check your usage. This is mine on TalkTalk click here

  sharpamat 15:49 04 Feb 2011

further to northumbria61 posting re unlimited Packages,

I would advise reading the small print.

Some ISPs and def BT can hit you with their Fair Use Policy. Hence the reason I left BT for Virgins Cable service

  northumbria61 19:05 04 Feb 2011

Fair use Policy or "capped" as the term is means that your speeds will be capped between 5PM and midnight so the rest of the time you should enjoy whatever your speeds are to download whatever you want to download. Applies to Bt - can't speak for other ISP's

Put into perspective "trying" is currently on dial-up so unless he is suddenly going to be downloading/uploading numerous large files 24/7 I can't see it having any effect on his usage.

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