Gateway mx6215b bios Problem

  Scott_the_Scot 13:19 18 Jul 2009

My gateway mx6215b laptop will not boot. It simply hangs on the gateway splash screen. When I press F2 to enter the bios settings it says please wait but nothing happens. I believe the the bios has become corrupt but have been unable to find a bios boot disc. Gateways answer was they do not offer a bios boot disc and it will need to be returned for repair. So I will not be buying from them again. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:27 18 Jul 2009

Try removing teh CMOS battery for a couple of minutes then refit it. If that doesn't work it's only a couple of quid to buy a new one. No guarantees that it's the cause of your problem but certainly worth a shot.

Just be aware that if the computer is still under warranty, it may be voided by doing the above.

  Scott_the_Scot 14:34 18 Jul 2009

Thanks OTT_Buzzard. I had hoped that it would simply be the CMOS battery that needed replacing unfortunately I can't seem to find one on this laptop. I know a lot of gateway machines have them hidden under the keyboard but I have looked there. I think this may have the battery soldered onto the mother board somewhere. If it replaceable and anyone knows were it is I would be grateful for the info.

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