Gas strut on computer/office chair - fix

  jack 09:54 12 Jun 2010

The Gas strut on my chair has gone - again - after about 3 years.[I really must lose some weight]

One of you were sure enough to indicate the firm the carried out the replacement located in Belvedere- Erith Kent.
I have no recollection of reference as who this firm is.
I seem to recall it was located in one the road that lead down to the Thames- Crabtree Manorway or Church Manorway or similar
Any thoughts guys and gal's?
Otherwise I shall jump in the car and cruise the are till I find it again - if it still exists.
It seemed to be on its beam end when last I went.

  AlanHo 10:40 12 Jun 2010

Just did a Google and came up with

click here

  jack 11:16 12 Jun 2010

H\ave got that one also this
click here

So many of these firm have elaborate sites but do not give a premises location.
The one I am trying to trace had an elaborate site- but the premises tuned out to be a dump of a place on an industrial site-but they did the job - and that's what counts

  I am Spartacus 13:52 12 Jun 2010

I used a couple of hose clamps on mine. Still working OK after a couple of years.

  jack 17:31 12 Jun 2010

I may well resort to that if all else fails.

On the Previous occasion I gaffer taped some timber cut to size- Worked OK providing I did not swivel the chair so that the timber came between the gaps in the legs- when that happened - down I went.

  jack 15:18 13 Jun 2010

Just done the same- A cost free[ old clip form the bitz box] solution if it lasts

wrapped a piece of gaffer tape around the column tp offer some grip then the clip.

20 minutes on - still holding
Here hoping.

  Burrieza 11:51 30 Oct 2010

Hi there: I searched the entire net for a padded Charles Eames chair in black and could only find unaffordable offers. Most of them want to rip you off. Now I found that Staples sells the high back under the name Quinto and the low back version under the name Amalfi . Go figure, but these are perfect reproductions and I was happy to finally find the Eames office chair at an affordable price.

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