garbled audio , codecs, win MP and other apps.

  Talented Monkey 19:44 28 Feb 2005

I running Win98se. Upgraded Windows media player, realplayer and quicktime. Downloaded Codec packs from Microsoft site and installed. Music match jukebox plays MP3s back fine, however every application I try to play or stream , play MP3s or any video with audio, now results in the audio played very garbled echoing , chopping and breaking up, which also effects video. Any video without sound runs perfectly.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled older versions of media player etc without any change, so I assume its codec problems. I have gone into control panel, multimedia, devices, re ordered all the codecs, disabled all bar one in turn, but STILL no joy, I have downloaded a few other codecs from Microsoft and still same thing happens. Am I looking in wrong place, could this be something else, like a .dll that is shared by all other applications? One other application that has suffered same fate is Gainward intervideo win producer.

I have run out of ideas, can anyone suggest anything?


  Talented Monkey 16:11 01 Mar 2005

Reinstalled direct X, Nvidia drivers, did antoher uninstall of media player etc, even version 6.2 produces poor output.

Is this a case of simply that win98se finally has become outdated ??

Did you look into sound card drivers or run diagnostic check in dxdiag for direct sound?

If I were you I'd reinstall your soundcard drivers and motherboard chipset drivers which may in fact be the same thing.

Run Driver Cleaner beforehand if applicable - download click here

An alternative ripper/encoder I use for creating MP3 is the very good db Poweramp which encodes using some of the best codecs such as Vog Orbis and Lame etc. You can download a free version plus extensions from click here

Good luck.

  Talented Monkey 23:17 01 Mar 2005

Well that certainly is a nice little driver removal tool. i did uninstall my soundblaster audigy drivers previous, but i think there must have been somthing not quite removed, uninstalled with that nice little driver cleaner, installed updated versions, and finally installed a clean version of windows media player.

Good News.. IT worked perfect! yeah i can use my intervideo winproducer.

BAD NEWS.. i had to fiddle with things... DEcided to upgrade to 7.1 BAD MOVE>

things gone from bad to worse, all kinds of problems encoutnered, first time around reloading drivers too a few minutes, this time around nothing cahnged, but windows wa asking for all kinds of cab files off te OS disk when they wernt even there. i had to keep on comming out of the installation finding the file then restart the install. ad on it went.. I had the system working perfectly at 7pm, its now 11pm and ive spent all this time trying to get back to where i was. I have now got stable environment, my sound is working again, along with directX, all which died trying to remedy the upgrade. just installed media player again, and low and behold garblled breaking up sound. i think im going to have to try tommorow. It worked once so should work again!

Moral of this story.. If it aint broke dont fix it.


Nice driver removal tool thanks!

My advice - reinstall Windows. It'll be a lot less painful than going through all that again.

Try that dbPoweramp if you're interested. It's really very very good.

  Talented Monkey 15:25 02 Mar 2005

I havnt reinstalled windows yet, thought that too drastic at moment. cut a long story short, i have started from scratch so to speak, removing everything to soundblaster and drivers etc..

restarted pc and let the New Hardware configuration find the Audigy2 card. put int he disk creative labs disk with drivers on and after a few minutes everything loaded fine.

HOWEVER, it has now appeared to have loaded EMU10K drivers, which i thought was for soundblaster live, i am missing a few output options too that were present under the old set, which were lablled as audigy etc such as ASIO driver.

another interesting note is that the directX diagnostic tests just list the sound card as a PCI card with this huge number after it.

ill try to see if i can find the ASIO drivers as i need them, and mybe yet another reinstall, so watch this space. apart from that everything seems ok..
I guess i might have to start properly by a windows reinstall, but i can see many more problems arising from this.

Anyway watch this space.

  Talented Monkey 17:14 02 Mar 2005

Ok, reinstalled this time quiting the windows request to carry out the install for new hardware.
installed from creative disk. hoooorah all the correct drivers are back with my precious ASIO driver!!

however, WMP has reverted back to jerking every fraction of second. ARGHHHHHHH

can dbpoweramp take over windows meadia player , as i use several application that embeds media player, such as WinProducer.

i cant see why i can not have media player working at this point in time. maybe the driver upgrade put another codec into the list or altered one. not sure wher eim going to go form here. its certainly been a major pain in backside, but i really do need the the media player working properly with ASIO so im not giving up yet!

  Talented Monkey 11:44 03 Mar 2005

Ok ill give a description incase this is useful to others in future.

carrying on from last night, deleted Windows media player and codecs, this time i did remove every single file and registry entry, using a reg cleaner of course!

rebooted. My soundblaster audigy 2 card and drivers 100% perfect, so leaving them alone.

Reinstalled, windows media player version 6.4. plus a couple of other codecs needed for other applications such as Vog Orbis. restarted PC

Mpeg play back alot better , but audio still a problem, nowhere near as bad as it was when i first started this little escapade and only fraction better than last night.

decided different approach see if i can alter anything with the filters in media player, with a MPEG loaded,select file, properties, then advanced tab.

now i dodnt know if this has always been here or how it came about, but im fairly certain i never saw AC3Filter, as its open source i asume its not part of the microsoft, anyway how it got there dosnt matter now.

the defualt was set at 16bit output, i simply went through all the different outputs. PCM FLOAT option works perefectly!! simple as that.

So have i wasted my time maybe.. its a case of "if only" and proberbly barking up wrong tree. Why all the trouble you may ask, well i dont like things to defeat me and, although i hardly use windows media player, several applications, not forgetting games, have wmp embedded so it was essential i got this running, and ive learnt an afwul lot about codecs and filters!

ANWYway enough waffle time to get back to my movie and music projects ive wasted enough time!

thanks spook and i will take a look at that player you suggested.

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