Garbage e mail apparently from me to me!!!

  TonyV 17:39 11 Apr 2008

How can these nerds who supply all the garbage mail that is congesting the internet get to send e mail to me that appears to come from me? It suggests that e mail address's can be used by anyone who happens to know any address. How can I be sure that this cannot happen? For obvious reasons, I do not open such e mails, but it does get put through to my bulk folder, from whence I empty it all!


  Diemmess 17:46 11 Apr 2008

A few years back I had a spate like that.
One of the earliest addresses was from somone I knew (he works for a security firm!).

It seemed he had downloaded some canoe club pictures from somone he met while on holiday in the Canaries. He also had downloaded a virus with it!

My AV picked it up and he got rid of it for himself, but it showed us both the need to be careful.

TonyV My screenname wasn't quite perfect but enough to worry me at the time.

  TonyV 17:52 11 Apr 2008

Thanks for that. I have opened it from my Bulk folder, though it doesn't actually get marked as read. But, having said that, there is a link that says something about the originator. i.e View Contact Details. May be I should just have a look and see where it comes from. The e mail is about designer footwear which I need like a hole in the head!!


  TonyV 17:58 11 Apr 2008

Looking in the e mail I see the return path is [email protected]. But I have no idea who that is since I certainly know no Tony Watson in New Zealand.


  Diemmess 19:56 11 Apr 2008

My story was just a one off, and it happened before I even had broadband.
I can't remember what was inaccurate about my address in the list of those who were emailed. Screenname correct I think, but the ISP was that of the sender, yet it somehow came to me.

'Was probably one of many viruses of the time which collected everything from the box of email addresses.

If you can make an intelligent guess at the last known correspondent and contact there you might find an answer, otherwise delete and move on, don't send a reply from that file just as it is.

  TonyV 20:27 11 Apr 2008

As you say, I never respond to these garbage e mails, normally I just empty the Bulk Folder without even attempting to open the messages. I've actually gone back to BT and asked the question of them. I am not sure they can come up with an answer short of changing my e mail address which I have had for a goodly number of years now. It is such a hassle changing and making sure everyone who really needs to know it is covered by the change.

I'll wait for a bit and see if these messages grow in numbers, in which case I will have to change.



  TonyV 20:35 11 Apr 2008

I have just done a search on this Forum and came up on this click here. It is obviously not a new phenomenon but seems as though it comes and goes.


  Stuartli 23:46 11 Apr 2008

I regularly receive e-mails initially sent to my full e-mail address with WorldOnline i.e. it's the first stage before the @ - I just delete them as I know they are not genuine.

  TonyV 00:13 12 Apr 2008

In my case it is my e mail address that is sending them. I've checked my machine and there doesn't appear to be any nasties lurking in it.

It makes a nonsense of anybody being able to send messages from someone else's e mail address.



  Snec 08:30 12 Apr 2008

This happened to me a couple of years back, and went on to get worse over a two month period.... I was getting 100s per day.

In the end I deleted that email account and after a further two months resurected it. The problem had gone and did not returned.

  Woolwell 11:07 12 Apr 2008

It appears to be your e-mail address but in fact it is like phishing and it is in fact a spammer. I get several per day and get loads of spam. My fault for being with Orange (which permits anything to be before the @, and doesn't appear to be very good for spam and more importantly I made the mistake of allowing my e-mail address to appear on a website. The important things is to delete without opening. I have set up filters on the Orange site to get rid of some before they hit my inbox and other message rules work well too. I find the Outlook's own junk rules work well.

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