gandalf! im sure you have the answer!

  Ramification 22:06 09 Mar 2004

hi there,
i have a 11month old system -
a amd 2100 proc, 80gb maxtor hdd, elitegroup k755a ami motherboard, running xp pro. ive just bought a 160gb maxtor hdd and i cant get it to show the 160gb. its showing as 31gb.
i have sp1. installed.
i have bigdrive enabler installed.
i have maxblast - which when run shows the new drive to be 160gb, allows me to partition this size.....
but when i go into windows it shows up as 31gb.
ive tried partition magic. no go.
im lead to believe the only thing left is to flash my bios. (oh no!) not something i want to do. i read in the other threads you say that its rare anyone needs to do this...
so what else is there to try?
im 'ok' with computers as ive done a BTEC course but im no proffesional. (obviously as i wouldnt be asking your proffesional advice!) :)

  -Beb- 22:11 09 Mar 2004

Havea look at the jumpers on the back of the hard drive, as some can be set to look like they are 31 gb for people who use an older OS which is not able to support a hdd of 31gb +.

In addition to that ensure that you have correctly formatted the drive as NTFS

If those two fail then i would recommend a bios upgrade on you m'board

Try the disk management in XPit worked on mine see here click here

  Djohn 22:21 09 Mar 2004

Ramification. Try right click on your "My Computer" Icon. Choose "Manage" then "Disk management". Right click on the right-hand side of your new slave drive and choose "Format". It will take a while to do but should be recognised fully afterwards. j.

  Ramification 22:22 09 Mar 2004

thanks guys...

formatting in NTFS yes,
the jumpers...i'll check that but i think its ok, set from website manual..
in disk management in xp it shows as 31gb...

  woodchip 22:24 09 Mar 2004

First thing If I was you is use MAXBLAST and remove it from your drive. Then use Partition Magic ot Acronis to partition and format your drive

  SEASHANTY 23:02 09 Mar 2004

click here
The link should lead to the Microsoft article on this subject. Hope it will be of some use.

  byfordr 23:42 09 Mar 2004

click here

The way I managed to install my hard drive was:-
1) Install Operating system (Drive will show as significantly lower disk space than it actually is)
2) Install service pack1
3) Enable big drive over 137gb (In this case running maxtors software from their website - big drive enabler)
4) Install Partition magic (version 8 or above for xp)
5) Resize the drive using pm8 (There should be a massive unformatted, unpartitioned space)
6) Format drive either PM or using windows.
7) Attempt to fill such a massive capacity drive.



  vinnyo123 04:15 11 Mar 2004

for record

  Ramification 11:22 11 Mar 2004

hi there, ive tried everything and still no go. so ive come to the conclusion that i need to flash the bios. on the website it has the program to put on a floppy. ive downloaded this to my computer but i now need a bootable floppy. can i make one in xp? how ? if not how may i do it? thanks :)

  Chegs ® 11:34 11 Mar 2004

insert floppy,right click floppy drive,select "format" from the options,tick the box that states "Create an MS-DOS startup disk"

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