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  steve_london 20:52 03 Mar 2008

Hi, I lucky have just stumbled onto this site :)

I want to get a new gaming rig but only have a budget of 350-400 pounds.

I was hoping u guys could give me some sites that would give me info about pc parts, ie what chipset goes on what board etc

But I have a few questions for you guys :)

Will ddr2 memory work on the same Motherboard asa graphics card that runs on ddr3 ?

Whats PCI express SLI ?

What should I look for when buying a graphics card ? for example i see alot of 8800 graphics cards for sale from 100pound up to 200pound I cant understand how much the prices differes for a similar card.

Lastly given my budget what can i compromise on ?
for example should i get less ram and a better graphics card or vice versa ?

thanks in advance

  Gamer555 21:08 03 Mar 2008

click here... this should help you.

If your gaming, you should spend most money on the graphics card. Personally, I would say get an Nvidia 8800 series graphics card. 256mb if your gaming on a 19" monitor or less. 512mb if your 20" or higher. 256mb can be had for around £130 and the 512mb versions are around £170.

SLI is when you run 2 graphics cards. ATM, no games take advantage of this.

Hope this helps

  citadel 22:08 03 Mar 2008

you can have a motherboard that uses ddr2 and a graphics card that uses ddr3 or ddr4. you can get graphics cards that use ddr2 but they are too slow for gaming.

  Devil Fish 22:27 03 Mar 2008

are you looking to build or buy?

  steve_london 22:29 03 Mar 2008

thanks for the faste replies :)

OK so i'm gonna go for a 8800 graphics card but the prices start from £100 and go to £200 but there all 8800 series are u just paying for the brand or is there something in the spec that that effects the price ?

  steve_london 23:02 03 Mar 2008

@devil fish
looking to build fingers crossed :)

The letters after the 8800 make a difference. You should aim for the 8800GT with your budget or 9600GT (slightly cheaper but not quite as powerful).

I had a quick bash at building a system myself and here's what I've come up with:

8800GT - click here - £131

Core 2 Duo E8200 - click here - 114

MSI P35 Neo-F Socket 775 FSB1333 - click here - £57

Case & PSU - click here - £43

2GB RAM (Crucial) - click here - £27

250GB hard drive - click here - £36

DVD-RW - click here - £16

Total: £424

Slightly over budget but perhaps you already have a DVD drive or hard drive from another computer that you could use instead of buying a new one?

  Totally-braindead 23:49 03 Mar 2008

You do also need to add £60 for an OEM copy of windows I'm afraid as its unlikely your old PCs windows will work, unless its a full copy it will fail validation so it gets a bit more pricey.

I knew there was something I forgot!

i have found games play the best on a system 'the masses' use, for example, my 2 gb dual channel, single graphics card dual core xp pc plays games better then a quad core, sli, 8gb 64 bit system, this will change when more people buy quads no doubt. but software companies want to sell loads of products and so they write for the average pc, this is not always the case a few games higher spec pc's but for all the mainstream, crysis, cod4, moh etc seem to run happiest on my standard pc.
i suppose the answer is get something that is ultimately upgradable, standard atx everything.

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