Gaming RAM

  kiddgame2000 13:11 05 Dec 2005

I have just bought a


It is my intention to builg a gaming machine with this as the motherboard. I was wondering what sort of RAM i should buy as obviously i want it to be super fast. I am thinking about getting 2x1GB modules.

What would you recommend?

Do i even need 2GB for the lastest games or would 1GB do?

I have also bought a AMD 4000.

  SG Atlantis® 13:13 05 Dec 2005

2 gig definately. I have 4 x 512mb. What graphics card have you in mind?

  kiddgame2000 13:30 05 Dec 2005

I know your going to say this is stupid but hear me out.

Im thinking of getting a 128MB Geforce 6600GT. I know this card is old and outdated but to tell you the truth there are no new games out there at the minute that i really want and this will play all my old games very very well.
I don't want to spend a lot of money on a 7800 or something like that and then end up not using it properly for a few months cause there are no great games that will use it, and we all know there will be something newer and more powerful out in the near future so i was thinking wait until then.

I don't know if this is wise or not but i have'nt much to lose as the 6600 won't cost that much.

Anyway back to the RAM what the fastest that is compatable with that board.

  SG Atlantis® 13:34 05 Dec 2005

I'd suggest you go to click here

Personally I think your right to go for something like that. The 6800GT might be a better suggestion, then later you can add a second one in SLI. I agree the 7800 is too much money at the moment.

  kiddgame2000 13:53 05 Dec 2005

Cheers, just one more question i already have a different 1GB module would there be much difference between using 1 of the new ones you suggested and this other one and using two matched new ones.

Also i assume the AMD 4000 will handle all games fine.

  SG Atlantis® 13:57 05 Dec 2005

yeah I'm sitting on a 3700+ and it's good. Using another stick with your current one will be fine, you just won't be able to run them dual channel etc and to be honest you'll notice no worth while difference. Just maybe a few points in benchmarking, but no real time difference.

  kiddgame2000 14:02 05 Dec 2005

I was under the impression dual channel was a big boost?

Do you need identical modules for dual channel?

Also i have just been reading through a few other topics and people are talking about setting the page file. What is that all about and do i need to do it for games?

  SG Atlantis® 14:15 05 Dec 2005

yes identical for dual channel. Page file is the space on the hdd that the OS uses as virtual memory when real ram is being used up, my suggestion is let widnows deal with that. It is usually set at 1.5 times the installed RAM.

The people that talk about big boosts with dual channel is extreme gamers. As I said you will not notice a real time difference, just maybe a few points in benchmarking.

You already have a 1gb stick, just get one more and use the extra cash that would have been spent on a matched pair on something else. Maybe even up the graphics card with it?

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