Gaming PC with small form factor o/clock - Heat?

  LordBarker 20:57 15 Mar 2011

Hi all,
Bit of a newbie round here but wondered if someone might give me a bit of advice.

I’m in the process of choosing a new desktop, primarily for gaming, and not having built a rig for about 10 years thought it best to go with a decent company. I have about £800-1100 and would ideally like something with a small form factor (or something aesthetically pleasing :)) and an o/c’ed Sandy Bridge.

Did like the look of Palicomp’s specced systems, but have read far too many negative comments regarding their poor levels of service.

So I was going to go with a Chillblast Fusion Mirage, but their cases are, in my opinion, horrifically ugly! So that left me looking at Cyberpower’s infinity cube, but was a tad underpowered for my needs or spending a bit more for a Cyro Nano. However for such a small form factor they’ve o/clocked the sandy bridge way up at 4.8ghz and I’m wondering if this is sensible for everyday use? As I’m concerned about the longevity of such a ramped up chip. I have seen a few systems (Chillblast’s included) that overclock to 4.5/4.6ghz, but I’ve read on one or two forums that overclocking to 4.8, especially with such a small case, could cause some problems.

Wondered if someone could resolve my dilemma, cheers

  woodchip 21:03 15 Mar 2011

why not buy a games console? it will last longer playing latest games will not get out of date as fast

  LordBarker 21:19 15 Mar 2011

Because while it's primarily for games I need to use it for other things too, such as design, office-based work etc. etc.

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