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  QuinnGaming 01:51 11 Apr 2014

I’m looking for a new gaming PC which will enhance my experience when playing the likes of LOTRO, WOW and SWTOR. Currently, my PC just doesn’t cut it. It’s getting old and was never designed to be focused on gaming.

My knowledge of computer components and specs are very basic and I’m a bit apprehensive going forward, so I need your help.

First of all, I have 2 choices – buy a premade gaming PC or configure my own online. Building my own is not an option as actually assembling a functional PC seems like an impossible task for me. Configuring my own seems like the better option as I can select each an every component rather than settling for a selection the manufacturer has put together. I’ve look at and they seem to have a good building system, are they a good option to go with?

I’ve read a bit online about minimum specs and components to go for but I really need some help in pulling all this information together and coming out with a great gaming PC. Can anyone help me out?

My budget is around £1000 (can go slightly higher) and I would like this amount to include a monitor and keyboard.

Thanks in advance!

  Ian in Northampton 10:15 11 Apr 2014

I got my son his gaming PC from ViBox, and have found it very good. It's a 4-core AMD, GT660, 8GB machine and he gets a good gaming experience on all the games you mention. (But: he's not using two full HD screens - one HD-ready, and one SXGA.) Touch wood, it's been a good PC for a year or more now, and ViBox's support is good. Best of all, it only cost ~£450. Of course, if you may more you'll (generally) get better... ViBox have a pretty good selection of gaming systems, that go up to the kind of price you have in mind, so you wouldn't necessarily compromise on what you think you need. Maybe worth checking out.

  QuinnGaming 20:40 11 Apr 2014

From what I've read online these core components seem to be the 'staple' choices when building a gaming PC without going over the top too much:

Processor (CPU): Intel i5 4670 Motherboard: ASUS Z87M Memory (RAM): 8GB Graphics Card: GTX 770

Would you say this is accurate and a good choice to go for?

  QuinnGaming 20:22 13 Apr 2014


  martd7 20:58 13 Apr 2014

Slightly above budget at chill blast but well specced

click here

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