Gaming pc help !

  McEwan1 20:08 27 Apr 2008

I am looking to get a new pc and am getting confused by all the different one out there have around £1200 / £1600* to spend must have monitor & keyboard.
Any help ??

* once i sell my bike.

  wis 20:41 27 Apr 2008

once i sell my bike is good
this hopefully gives you loads of time to do
many checks , lots of good mags compair like for
like,internet sites do the same
budget up to £1600, boy you can get some mega pc
for that , as for monitor ect probley get a new
kitchen sink chucked in to boot

  MAT ALAN 20:49 27 Apr 2008

click here

click here

couple of places to start...

  Baz48 21:05 27 Apr 2008

I will second the Cougar Extreme. I got my box from them with top graphics card and 4Gb memory and purchased a 24inch Benq monitor seperately all within your buget, six months ago. Excelent and quick service. No problems to date.

  McEwan1 22:17 27 Apr 2008

will have to have a look as have been checking other sites and get lost when checking out all of them so many to choose from!

  project 90 22:26 27 Apr 2008

what about a self build?

i personally like mesh computers they do well for me, just get the base unit with the prosessor and mobo ect then buy my ram and g card seperatley also leaves u to buy a monitor your self so you can pick the brand ect. for gaming you really want to stick to crt as much better picture if you play fps. also when your looking at the monitors and you probaly will get a lcd monitor make sure the response time is low preferabally 2m/s.
graphics you should aim over a 8800gt anything above that will do fine.
ram you shuold aim over 2gig i got the balistix from crucial does me fine.

sure there will be more help on its way though

  McEwan1 22:35 27 Apr 2008

thats where i get lost lots of upgrades to choose from ends up over budget :-(
it's mostly for games like fps's & rpg's. have a hd tv 1080p with d-sub and dvi so don't need monitor that much can get later.

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