Gaming Pc?

  KERRO01 17:53 17 Dec 2007

hi all.

am looking to get a gaming pc.
the thing is i want it to DX10 to the max but am dont want to pay a fortune on one.
i would even go for a cpu motherboard and just build up from there.

your help will be much appreciated.

  Crash 18:11 17 Dec 2007

Get a core 2 duo with at least 2gb ram (4gb if you have 64 bit vista) and one of these cards click here

  Mr Beeline 18:24 17 Dec 2007

"DX10 to the max "

Interesting expression.

About the most demanding game out there at the moment, is Crysis. And I'm afraid that there isn't hardware available at the moment that will allow this game to be maxed out in DX10! Now I'm talking about trying to run it on a decent widescreen monitor (22in) and with all graphical settings at max (and this is before you try to add anti-aliasing). And to me, decent frame rate means 50/60 FPS. You'll need the next generation of graphics cards to obtain what you are after (IE. Nvidia 9800 series of cards etc.). And to be honest, your forever playing "catch up" in the world of computer gaming. Great fun though.

Though I would tend to agree with crash. I'd make sure it's a quad core (decent price at the moment) if it was me.

Have fun.

  KERRO01 18:38 17 Dec 2007

well the thing is, i have just sold my xbox 360, but i want a replacement in the form of a pc. does that help any?

i dont really want to play catch up, i just want something that will keep me in this gen of gaming (DX10) better than DX9 (xbox 360 ps3) i know, and might see about getting the next xbox or play station whatever that may be.

  Crash 18:39 17 Dec 2007

Yeah get a xbox elite or a PS3 or both with the price you would pay for a decent gaming pc!

  wjrt 18:46 17 Dec 2007

as an example of what you are likely to get for a price
click here

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