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  okcoky 19:39 28 Oct 2007

Are the dell xps pcs any good.I built my last pc myself(this one)and it has lasted 3 years but i have an agp motherboard so its no good for the majority of new graphics cards.Any good gaming pcs anyone? Thanks for any help.

  citadel 19:54 28 Oct 2007

depends on what you want to spend.

  Totally-braindead 19:58 28 Oct 2007

I don't like Dells for gaming and I'll tell you why.
When you get them if they are a good enough spec then thats fine but when you try upgrading them you find that its not as simple. The power supplies they supply are perfect for it as it comes out of the box but if you want to upgrade you may find you have to buy a new power supply as well. And you've got to watch what you buy as well as some are said to be entertainment PCs which may mean its in a non standard case and you may find it differcult to get a power supply that will fit.
Have a look through the postings doing a search for Dell and people having problems upgrading graphics etc. (though to be fair most of them are low end systems perhaps the Dell high end ones are easier to upgrade).

Don't get me wrong. Dells are excellent value in fact I've bought 2 for friends over the past couple of years but they were not bought for gaming. They were bought for slightly older people who I knew well who I was certain would not want to play games and as such they have been perfect for them.

I like Novatech personally and this is because they are completely standard components. No funny case sizes etc just bog standard PCs and in my opinion they are well priced as well and Novatech have excellent aftersales service too.

  okcoky 23:58 28 Oct 2007

Spend about 1.500 and i have read the forums and yes the power supply is an issue but i will have a look at novatech as suggested,thanks guys.

  Totally-braindead 00:08 29 Oct 2007

okcoky its not only the power supply. If you buy what they are calling an entertainment PC, and I have to say that Novatech do a couple as well so I'm not having a go at Dell alone, the graphics cards in some of them seem to be low profile ones. In case you don't know what I mean a low profile graphics card is basically a card that is slightly smaller than the norm. Now if you decide later on to replace your graphics card basically you've had it as you'll find very few cards available and you might find that what you have is as good as there is. I'm not saying you will I'm just saying its a possability.
If you buy an entertainment PC or multimedia PC or whatever they call it do try to make sure its not one of these slimline case that makes it differcult to upgrade.
They might look pretty but don't buy something you can't upgrade.

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