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  ScottyBoy1982 13:37 03 May 2005

Could anyone recommend a good gaming PC? I really like the specs of the Mesh computers but I have heard so many bad reports its putting doubt into my mind.

I have looked at Alienware but they don't seem to be as good as Mesh for quality and value for money. Dell seems to be more office suited so

I have looked at some really expensive PC's but I can't justify spending that amount.

I like the Mesh pc's as they come with 2 GPU’s that are SLI compatible and at a price I can afford (£1600 max).

I'm now at a loose end to where to go?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:15 03 May 2005

Alienware quality is certainly up with the best, but it does cost.

I would have no worries with Mesh; they have (like everyone else) occasional problems but that should not deter you. Find a machine you like and take it from there.

  Noelg23 14:23 03 May 2005

Your best bet mate would be to get one custom built to what you the email I have sent you...

  [email protected]@ 14:29 03 May 2005

Can certainly recommend these click here

  ScottyBoy1982 14:56 03 May 2005

What email did you send Noelg23?

I have looked at the attached link [email protected]@ and i can't believe the PC's only come with a 15" monitor OMG..

  Noelg23 15:41 03 May 2005

I have sent you another one mate if u didnt get the first one.

  [email protected]@ 15:43 03 May 2005

How far did you follow the link !72TFT + £40
19" TFT + £100

  Diodorus Siculus 15:44 03 May 2005

Noelg23 builds PCs - likely he offered to build you one!

  [email protected]@ 15:45 03 May 2005

Or even 17" TFT + £40

  ScottyBoy1982 16:07 03 May 2005

Neolg23 - What email did you send it too?

  Noelg23 16:15 03 May 2005

I just clicked on the envelope next to your name and then typed my message, tell you what you send me an email by clickin on the envelope and I will reply to you...

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