Gaming Graphics LockUp

  joebloggs1 17:30 28 Feb 2004

When I play Need For Speed Underground or Quake 3 Arena I have a lockup problem - Can play for about 20 minutes then my graphics will lock-up for periods ranging from 5-45 seconds. By lock-up, i mean the image freezes completely, no sound, occasionally it flashes different textures of the graphics image (ie, if i am in front of a mountain, it will show the landscape behind the mountain). This is not lag, it isn't slow, it is frozen. Nothing moves on the screen, and when the image finally starts moving again, it picks up where the game has progressed to (the game isn't affected, just the graphics).
Other Games FIFA 2004 CM 2004 are OK
Have updated drivers for DirectX MOBO and Graphics Card and still happens.
Using a AMD Athlon 2400+, 512 MB Ram and Gefoce FX 5200 Graphics Card - Anyone seen anything similar?

  Indigo 1 18:03 28 Feb 2004

Sounds like a heat problem.

Make sure there are no "dust bunnies" lurking inside the case, also check all fans are working properly.

Aida32 can give you an indication of temperature and fan speeds click here

Motherboard Monitor can give a real time display of temps click here

  citadel 22:35 28 Feb 2004

The fx5200 may be under pressure as it is not very good. A fx5700 ultra or ati9600xt will give you more speed.

  gudgulf 23:37 28 Feb 2004

Fx5200 may be a budget card but should cope with Quake 3 ok.Agree that it is probably a heat problem,take the side off your case and give everything a good clean out.Also consider taking off the front panel and making sure that the vent holes in the front of the case are clear.
Is this a recent problem ?

  joebloggs1 00:42 29 Feb 2004

The PC is brand new - and i built it myself, so its not going to be dust or dirt etc. I thought myself it could be heat related but I already have h/w doctor and it says it running at a max of 57 degrees - How would you measure heat in relation to the graphics card?

  gudgulf 01:15 29 Feb 2004

Have you tried running these games at lower than normal settings?

is your case well endowed (with fans!!!!!)?,and have you got anything fitted in the slot immediately below the graphics card?

Alternatively do you know anyone with a higher spec graphics card you could borrow to see if that cures the problem?

  joebloggs1 23:34 29 Feb 2004

looks like this is heat related - took the side off and used a desk fan to blow air in - NFS Undergound and Simpsond Hit & Run played with no problems at all with fan on - I will now be looking to get some system fans to help with cooling - Any suggestions?

it could be a bottleneck somewhere...

Try running games at a lower spec.

Make sure all bios option's are correctly set.

Are you sure there is no programs running in windows that may come on after 20 minute's? Shut down all programs before playing. Messaging program's, anti virus even! De-frag the machine.

What i would be tempted to do. Becuase if it was heat the game would more than likely crash and the machine re-set.

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